Broken ankle feeling low

I broke my ankle on Friday night! Was literally standing up and never tripped over anything! I either lost my balance or my leg went from under me! Either way I am lying in bed in lots of pain and feeling pretty low. Been having lots of ms symptoms lately but been putting off seeing consultant now I wish I had gone sooner!

Hi, sorry about your ankle, perhaps you could ring your neuro’s secretary and get a appointment. Hope you feel better soon Karen

You have my sympathy - l fractured my ankle just over 3 yrs ago. Slipped on the ice -l was down the garden having just let the chickens/ducks out. l had to sit on my bum and drag myself back up to the house. Then l couldn’t reach the door handle. lt was a shock to find l had 3fractures - it had to be operated on and plates/wires/pins inserted - On the x-rays it looked as if l had a ‘meccano set’ fixed inside. lt was after this accident that l decided to get my vit d3 checked - the level was almost non-existent. So l started on 20.000ius daily for 18months. After a bone-density test showing l was ok - l now take 10.000ius. l am having another test this next week - so hoping for better results. We should be between 150/225nmols.

How are you managing - l had to use my wheelchair to get about as l could not use crutches - l do have a stair-lift - and l borrowed another wheelchair from the Red Cross- to keep at the top of the stairs -l could get on to it and get to my bedroom.

lt was when l was ‘layed up’ with my ankle that my daughter gave me this lap-top - l had to teach myself how to use it. l found the MSSforum and joined - l found out about vitamin d3 deficiency - bought the books from amazon - and the vitamin d3 capsules. l also found out about LDN -and have been taking it since.

l found l could get on and off my scooter - with the plaster cast wrapped up well to keep my toes warm - and l could still take the dogs out.

So l do know how you are feeling - Make good use of ‘visitors’ - get them to do a few chores for you.

All the best - keep one of those ‘grabbers’ to hand!!


Hi Frances, Who do I approach for a bone density and vit d deficiency test? GP? I have got rrms and was dx over two years ago. After going,to see consultant a lot in the first year I have purposely left off going lately. However, the last few months have seen an increase in pain in my left thigh, hip and back of leg. I cannot sit on the floor anymore as it is painful! Also I have found I have been becoming more and more forgetful! And to top that my hands have been getting weak. I have been falling and tripping a lot lately too and on Friday I was simply standing in my bedroom then next minute was on the floor resulting in broken ankle. I tried crutches on Saturday but this really hurt my ‘good’ leg and sent shooting pains and burning pains up my leg (the not broken one) and I got a numbness in my toes.aslo since having to raise my leg when sitting, my hip and thigh have been very stiff and sore. Don’t know what to do really. Used a wheelchair today but my hubby won’t be able to push me around whilst he’s at work so this is no use! I am lying in bed in a lot of pain and feeling really down about it all. Doyle think lack of vit d could have caused it? Also someone told me that ms makes your bones weaker. Is this true?

That’s not good,so best wishes for a speedy recovery. I broke my left ankle ten years ago next month,on the day I was pensioned out of the Fire Brigade…Nothing to do with thge celebratation/what’s next glass of sweet sherry.

However, I walked on it as soon as I could bear to and the cast came off two weeks earlier than expected. The Medicos said it was due to increased blood flow and was not unheard of. If you do a bit of premature hobbling go to A+E and get one of those walkie bootie things to save wrecking the bottom of the cast. What colour have you gone for?

Good luck, Wb

Been there done that, a couple of years ago I fell off my bike and broke my leg just above the ankle. Ended up with rather a lot of metal work. Couldn’t balance to use crutches, so had a Zimmer frame upstairs and a wheelchair borrowed from the Red Cross downstairs. It was a self propel one so I could push myself around. Only have one loo in our house so I had to go up and down the stairs on my bum - really toned the muscles in my arms! I wasn’t allowed to put any weight on that leg for 7 weeks until they took one of the screws out. Once that was done I could walk with a large ‘boot’. Best thing I had was a cover for the cast so I could have a bath - thought it was a bit expensive at the time but really appreciated it as it was really hot summer when I did it. I had to make drinks in bottles or flasks so I could carry them from the kitchen in a bag slung over my shoulder. On the bright side, you have the perfect excuse not to do any housework for a few weeks! Seriously though, you might feel really fed up with your situation now, but bones do heal and this will get better. Emma


Our GP’s are not very up to date with vitamin d3 deficiency - it seems us with ms do have a very low level and it is not thought to be a connection. We are also low in vitb12. lf you google vitamin d3 deficiency ms and vitamin d 3 osteo-porosis . - you will get a lot of information. l bought just about every book l could on the subject [ secondhand from amazon] - l get the vitamind3 softgels 360 .10.000ius from Healthy Origins -amazon - costs about £17 for the year.

While you are laid up - start googling - keep you out of mischief! l sent for the plastic leg cover on-line. lt is brilliant -it keeps the plaster dry and enable you to get in the shower/bath. Mine has been out on loan a couple of times now - lady across the road broke her leg - then another friend had an op on his ankle - and right now it is with a friend who had broken her ankle. She slipped off the bottom stair - she has osteo-porosis and has already broken her other ankle -had a new knee - and lots of work involving metals rods to straighten and repair broken toes. l keep telling her and her hubby about vitamin d3 - and telling her to get a bone-density test done. She has also borrowed my wheelchair - l have a big Tramper scooter that l get about on - and a smaller lightweight one that l can use indoors.

lf you look up Professor Jelinek’s Overcoming MS - lots in there on vit d3 - and Dr Holiks website. The BBC have done a few programmes on vitamin d deficiency.

l will look up what the web site is for the plaster cover - that was a godsend.


lf you google waterproof cover for plaster cast - lots of sites - one is called local mobility uk - delivery next day. l think the lady that plastered my leg gave us a leaflet.

Your GP - can arrange a bone-density scan - and a vit d 3 test. Your level needs to be between 150/225 nmols.

The bone-density scan is done on the ankle - its like an ultra-sound - nothing invasive. Done in minutes.


When I had bone density they did 2 areas, my spine and my hip. Don’t wear jeans as they won’t scan with the metal button, and you end up in just your pants! Oh and don’t wear a bra with a metal underwire either for the same reason.

Thanks for all the information. I have got an appt with my consultant tomorrow and have arranged a vit d3 test with gp too. I am amazed at what I have found out since. Hubby bought a waterproof cast cover from the physio dept at hospital when I went for my new cast to be put on! I went for a neon pink cast and have got a rather hideous sandal thing for later on! Feeling very sore today though and didn’t get much sleep. Hobbling about on crutches has been a bit of an issue as I have been getting burning and tingling pains in my “good” leg so resting up today.