Bone density test for osteo-arthritis

The new Neuro - l had an appointment with in Feb. Has written to my GP requesting that l have bone-density test done ASAP as he is concerned about me falling down and braking bones. Also he has arranged for me to see a neuro-physio. l went , yesterday, for my ‘scan’. lt was very different from the one l had about 4yrs ago. The ‘bed’ was huge that l had to lie on - and the scanner went up and down over me several times. l remarked to the radiologist about the size of the contraption and she said it was American - obviously made to cater for enourmous patients. lt was wider then the corridor outside where people were sat waiting. How they got it in situ l do not know.

Anyway, the good news is - according to the nice lady operator - my spine looks very healthy. She said ’ l can see you take HRT - lt makes such a difference really protects your bones.’ l told her that apart from years of hrt - l have been taking vitd3/magnesium for the last 3yrs. She asked me if l managed to do any exercise. l said l do what l can on my machines and l try not to sit down much during the day - keep moving. 'Well ’ she said - l have great pleasure in telling you that your spine is looking very good and l will send the results to your GP straightaway. So apart from my MS - and my dodgy hip - their is nothing wrong with me.

So l shall have to stop moaning.


Excellent news F.I’m glad to report that my head is still solid bone and won’t be needing a scan this year.That was a very 'Naughty but nice ’ lady operator giving you a far better appraisal of the scan than an ‘expert’ getting paid 4-5 times more than her.

Well done for all your hard work,

S xx


lt did not stop me from falling over in the garden yesterday. l was going over the lawn with my ‘super dooper pooper scooper’ - cleaning up after the dogs. [They never go when l take them out - always wait to get back to the lawn - which is l suppose a good thing] My daughter says l go so fast on my Tramper - they daren’t stop to poo. Well it was very windy - and l lost my balance - but on the way down l did have the presence of mind to hurl the ‘full’ shovel away from myself - so at least l did not land on any.

Another youtube moment lost!!!

Even the dogs are straining to keep you active.The proof is in theagility of the ‘shovel lady’.One thing though,most people play with a kite on a breezy day,but if you can’t find some string,poo will do.

S xx


For the first couple of years after I was diagnosed with MS I got alot of steroids I had very aggressive RRMS and was giving a bone-density scan my bones where In pretty bad shape I was told they where like an 80 year olds and I was put on calicum tablets and a tablet called Actonel I think, I took that once a week. I got talking to a person I became good friends with she’s and yoga/fittness teacher she told me that weight baring exercise’s and Vitamin D3 can really help. I done some research into it and started taking 5000i.u of vitamin D3 a day started yoga for MS which my friend does and started a gym I couldn’t do much to begin with just light weights and gentle toning exercises after a year they done another bone-density scan on me and the improvement was really good I came of the Actonel and calicum tablets I’d pains in my back I was told it was to much calicum and my kidneys couldn’t deal with it and that was causing the pain. After just over another year I’d another bone-density scan and my bones are back to normal and I’m really strong now I can do 10km’s on the exercise bike most days it’s 20km I can’t walk 5 minutes on the treadmill till my legs just about give up but, My neuro told me that walking uses so many muscles and with MS my brain just gets tired really fast trying to control them all and when on the exercise bike I go at a steady pace and once I get going my brain can relax and really doesn’t have any where the same work load :slight_smile:

Mark x

Hi Frances, sorry but i found it very hard to read your post in that colour! Glad you reverted to black again!

Anyway, I am so happy that your bone density is good. i know you do your utmost to look after yourself…and it`s paid off…with the bones at least.

poo is supposed to be lucky, innit!

luv Pollx