result update

Hello to all and I hope you are all as well as can be.
My results from the back/pelvis xray came back and the doc called to say what the fidings were.
There is athritis in my lower back and spine and the doc has passed the xray over to the breast cancer team.
My breast cancer consulatant called on Wednesday and said they have referred me for a full bone scan. Its kinda scary waiting for it but they are checking all out which I am grateful for.
I am sorry for yet ANOTHER question but I had a very tough,scary night last night. I went to bed at the usual time with what seemed like a cold(lots in school) During the night I neede the loo and found out my right just was not working. I had a fall, gashed m arm but thankfully head was ok. The right side wasn’t right at all with the leg not rreally working at all. Hubbie and myself had gp who said I have a chest infection and tonsilitis. I had tested negative for covid lat flow and pcr. The MS team were in contact with me and gp and said infection would definetly attack the weak areas with ms. The ms nurse phoned later and said rest,rest and more rest as well as antibiotics , she said ms and infection do not go well together. Have any of you lovely folk had any experience of this.
Thanks and much love to all
Mary xemphasised text

Sorry it’s tough right now, hopefully you’ll be on the mend real soon. Keep safe.

Oh Mary, poor you! What a catastrophie!
So much going on just isn’t fair love.

Sending lots of warm hugs and yeh…rest rest rest.

Thank you so so much for your kind replies. I will be fine soon I’m sure and will keep you all updated.xx

Hi Mary
As someone who was misdiagnosed with a lower back condition, I know that the GP can assume the point of incidence may be the cause and once a diagnosis is given, as a profession, medics stop looking for other explanations. I was misdiagnosed for 9 years including 5 years where it had turned into Progressive MS. Don’t suffer the same fate as me…

Get back to your GP and insist on a head & cervical spine (neck) MRI. If they find lesions, then the symptoms could be generated from your brain and you might have MS.

Thanks so so much for your kind reply and sorry for not replying sooner kinda floored yesterday and just didn’t do too much at all. My throat has eased but the coughing/chest are still quite problematic. J have no sense of smell/taste since saturday but I am all negative for covid.
I was diagnose 12 years agow ith r/r ms. Things were very stable for at least 9/10 years bu these past few years things have become a bit more evident.
I really do appreciate how very lucky I am but sometimes it’s just kinda scary.
Love to you all
Mary x

Hi Graeme, I was also mis-diagnosed, with HSP for a while…it’s symptoms can mimic MS, but it is quite a different condition, which carries a 50% chance of being inherited.

Hi Bouds
Had to smile: looked up HSP and it came back with Highly Sensitive Person! :joy:

(Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia also came up…)

Hi, that made me smile too… HSP in my case stood for hereditary spastic paraparesis/paraplegia. It does present like MS in many ways…but a genetic test ruled it out eventually.

PCR came back negative so the infection has caused the taste/smell to disappear. Hopefully it will come back as soon as antibiotics are finished. I have been given another 5 days antibiotics. Feeling a lot bettwer than I was. throat cleared, chest still a bit yuk still.
I am hoping by Thursday I can get back to my work. The management team are fab and I know for years I have been fine with attendance apart from the few months with the cancer op and treatment but these past couple of months the ms has really let me know it’s there. Ah well, tomorrow will be better hopefully.
Promise I will do my best not to annoy you with more questions but just a quick one can any of you lovely people reccomend shoe grips for the icy days, I’ve been looking and there are loads jus thought I’d see if you have any tips?
Much love
Mary x