Another update still in hospital

Just so everyone knows, I am still in hospital and today had another MRI and lumbar, they are testing for various cancers as well as other things but then they are also testing for aids so doubt that means much. If my white cell count is more then it’s a nice dose of steroids if it’s lea then I’m getting better and more tests are required as I still have symptoms and can’t walk very well at all. I’m still in good spirits and help out the others on the ward with speech as they are all recovering from strokes. Love and peace and hope your all well

Hi Tom Glad you’re keeping your spirits up. I hope that things go according to plan and that you are home with your wife soon. Teresa xx

Sorry to hear you are still in hospital Tom. I just hope your wife is bringing you in some decent food and lots of treats :smiley:

Last time I was in hospital I lost half a stone in 4 days through not being able to eat the mush they served up!!

Keep smiling Tom

Paula xx

Hope your feeling better soon Tom. Frank.

Hope you get answers soon Tom. At least they are testing lots to get to the bottom of this.

Not much fun for you though and a worrying time for your wife also i would imagine.

Take care


Hope you get answers and start to feel better soon Tom. I love your enthusiasm and your positive spirit - keep it up.

Let us know how you get on.



Hi Tom, just want to send my best wishes to you.

Hope you`re soon home and feeling better.

luv Pollx

Hi Tom, So sorry to hear you’re in hospital. It can be quite lonely so I’m sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery, so you can get back home to your wife. :slight_smile: xx

My white cells are more I now have 7 but she now wants a chest x ray and a second opinion from another Nuro, it didn’t happen yesterday so hoping for today. Hope everyone else is well

Fingers and other numb bits crossed for you. Hope they get there act together and get your tests and consults sorted. You think if your an in patient , you would be able to get it sorted ASAP, good old NHS they seem to like taking it nice and slow. Then they wounded why people’s blood pressure goes up, all those empty promises of a quick referral. Hope today is more productive.

Fingers crossed today,


It’s so much waiting around in hospital - hoping for things to happen that have been promised isn’t it? Hope you get that second opinion soon Tom. Stay cheerful! Teresa xx

Tom, hope you feel better soon.

Jacqui xx

Hi Tom Hope you’re doing ok x

Hope your alright ?

Sam xx

sorry you’re still in hospital :frowning: hope you get some answers soon! ((hugs))

Good luck Tom. Frank.