Hi Ho Hi Ho back to hospital I go

Hello everyone, My wife was conserend that today I am very bad on my legs, worse then when I was admitted the first time plus I feel weak all over, I can still grip but i had to crawl up the stairs which took probably 5 minutes, (16steps)

She spoke to my neuro who called back within 30mins of her leaving a meassage (I love my neuro), who said, she thinks its time I come back in for more MRI’s and another LP as their was white cells present she wants to test for other infections that on the first LP they didnt test for.

Dont know when I will be back out but I will have my phone and internet on my phone and will kep everyone updated. I still have my EEG VER tomorrow at 9:15 and she will admit me either today or tomorrow.

So not only last week did our beautiufl kitten (1 year 4 months) die of Saddle thrombus (blood clot blocks veins to rear legs causing paraylsis, then in most cases death) is it my 2nd year wedding annivery today, but I am useless and cant do anything. It never just rains… It bloody pours!. I know it will be the best place for me but last time I was in for a week when I thought It would be 1 night so this time they know why I am coming in which means I am they until they deside otherwise. sorry for the moan

Tom, I am sorry that you you are going back in, and that it was today of all days. I’m sorry about your kitten too. I hope you are in for a short time only.

Best wishes, Jon.

Oh Tom how terrible to be in on your wedding anniversary. But your wife sounds a gem and she’s right it does sound like they need to get to the bottom of this. I really hope they get some answers and find out whats wrong soon.

Concentrate on getting better and resting and keep us posted.



Oh Tom :frowning: That sucks :frowning:

I know it’s the best place for you right now and all that, but I really hope it’s a short stay and that you’re home soon!

Karen x

Hope you not in for long happy anniversary wish my other half was as good he hasn’t got a clue how i am lol

Bless you all thank you very much, This time I’m going prepared, guitar, enough clothes, toiletries books, laptop, DVDs, as we run our own business I can’t afford to be in hospital and not earning so I will be in hospital and earning instead and instead of lunch breaks it will be a lp break or a MRI break ha ha, got to stay in good spirits and at least they wil hopefully have a better understanding now an again I won’t have to wait for the tests but crawling around the house sucks. Thanks all for the support I’ll keep you updated

Good luck Tom and happy Anniversary. Frank.

Wishing you all the very best Tom, hope everything goes ok.

Happy Anniversary to you & your wife.

Take care,

Brecca x

Happy aniversary Tom,

Hope it’s a quick stay in hospital and I hope they manage to get to the bottom of everything :slight_smile:

Chin up and try and keep busy (as you can in a hospital bed!)

Happy aniversary Tom,

Hope it’s a quick stay in hospital and I hope they manage to get to the bottom of everything :slight_smile:

Chin up and try and keep busy (as you can in a hospital bed!)

Oh Tom! Congratulations for you anniversary but commiserations for your kitteh. Don’t know what else to say hun, 'cept if you need me, message me.

Mags xx

Thanks again guys, sitting hear trying to work although noise levels makes that jar as I need to use my phone but I’m pleased this time I may come out with more info on what’s wrong I had my EEG ver today that was fun so we will see when I get the results, I am not looking forward to another lp after my last experience but hey I’m still I’m good spirits x

Sorry you’re in hospital again Tom!

I hope you get some answers soon.

You must be getting used to that lovely hospital food by now, but you sound so well prepared this time perhaps you’ve taken your own food as well! LOL!!

Hope it’s just a short stay. Keep smiling

Best wishes


Hi Teresa, I am very well prepared, the only thing I didn’t get time to buy was food but it’s ok, as everything is steamed and tastes the same anyway I just eat a little push the rest around then my wife brings me something yummy later. I finally have a wheelchair so I can get out for cig breaks and to make my calls, nuros assistant has been round to ask her questions, so I suppose I will have to wait and see what happens. Just boring but as I am workin too it keeps me busy and a guy opposite me has trouble with speech as he is recovering from a stroke so I have started helping him put his sentences back together, he has speech theropy but practice makes perfect

Hi Tom

Hope it’s a short stay for you and that you get some answers.

Hang in there,

Pam x

Thanks pam, I asked about if it could be ms, they said we really dont know what it is at the moment but that’s why we have ordered loads of tests, Itinery, tomorrow am blood tests, then MRI of spine and brain then lp duration week to 2 weeks.

Good luck Tom ,i hope you dont have to say in to long ,

Best wishes

Sam xx

Hope you feel better soon, and don’t have to stay in too long,

big hug


PS i’m at a conference full of neurologists today and tomorrow (wrong sort though - dementia specialists) but i’ll happily walk round and glare at them for everyone