Its like watching Tennis!

Well, no further forward with what is going on.

Hospital are staying they are waiting for doctors and doctors say they are waiting for hospital.

I keep calling both of them. Next is to write or email them both together.

But I did call the doctors yesterday to ask if I need another blood test. I was told via doctors reception that I had a high alert on my blood test results and was told I have high iron levels.

They have now rechecked with doctor and they were only just slightly high and because i had brain inflammation at the time it was a normal result!

Today I am feeling really sorry for the people who do not have the energy I have to keep chasing things.


You must have unbelievable patience, but seriously this is not good enough.

If I were you I would send an identical email to both hospital and doctor and remind them that there is a human being being tossed from pillar to post between them both.

I empathize with you and hope they help you asap, take care.

Pam x

I would also cc in PALS. Involving the Oatient Lianson Service may encourage them to act. Good luck.

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