Osteoporosis anyone?

Had a DEXA scan, osteoporosis found in both knees, both hips, one shoulder, neck, and minor bits. Getting treatment to help it (this was when they were investigating Hashimotos)

Has anyone else had the scan and got treatment?

It sucks, I’m still not even 39 yet! Harumph grumble lol

new body for my 40th me thinks!!!

hows everyone doing on this miserable cold dark day?


Polly xxx

Hello Polly.

It is indeed a miserable dark day. I’ve had one fall this morning when everyone was out. It must lok quite comical as I shuffle along the living room floor and make sort of swimming uphill actions to get myself on the settee. At least I know how to fall so no harm done really-cool points intact as there were no witnesses.

Anyway, some years ago it was noted that my left femur and various other bones on the left side were significantly thinner but it doesn’t seem to affect me, apart from disturbing my sense of symmetry.

Take it easy, Steve x

Hi Polly,

You will have had your vitamin D levels checked? I’ve just heard that low vitamin D can affect osteoporosis risk. Very windy where I am - not venturing out lest I blow over / away! So no chance of natural, sun-induced vitamin D today - taking my supplement as usual!

Take care.

Hi Polly

Yes, I had a dexa scan when I was 47 after breaking my arm in a fall, and was told then I had oesteoporosis in hips and back.

I was given adcal d3 to take and told to drink milk, bit of a problem, as I have never liked it, the Dr I saw said he would prefer me to not take different meds for it, cos my age then.

My mum also had it, so they said I was prone to it also, as it can be hereditary.

Take care, horrible weather here also.

Pam x

Thank you everyone, it’s been an awful day weather wise, freezing, I’m sitting in fleecey pjs and two pairs of fleecy socks and dressing gown, can not get warm, does , not help that we have had power cut, wonderful winter. They have said we will be back on tomorrow back onto the power grid.

sorry my post was a bit moany did not mean it to be lol! Was just trying to find out some info, see if it comes with the MS,

Pam I did not know it was hereditary, my mum and sister both have it, my mum had both hips replaced by the time she was 55 and my sister got a knee replacement at 41. Can’t believe I never ur the 2 things together lol.

the doc added Adcal D3 which Has got the vit d (none here from sun lol) to the other med, can’t remember name long one sounds like a chemical lol

Polly xxx

Hi Polly,

Yes, I’ve had that scan too…seems I have osteoporosis in my spine quite badly and yet the consultant said my hips were fine. I take Adcal too but was told I couldn’t take the other medication as it can adversely affect MS. My mum didn’t suffer with it, in fact at 84 she is as fit as a flea!

Nina x