Nurse happy with me

Hi all,

Some good news for a change . I had a blood test done for diabetes ( i had gestational diabetes with my youngest and there is diabetes in the family so i have it done yearly) and she said it had come down from last year and im fine .

Did other tests too and i had to see the doc last week as results said i have an underactive Thyroid so testing me again in 6 weeks as it might just be a blip.

As i was seeing the nurse she said she would do a health check, my colestral is fine, BP good, my weight is now on the top end of the healthy BMI scale and she praised me for losing so far just under 5 stone . Both my parents had heart trouble but after calculating my risk factor of heart disease in the next 10yrs ( im practically tea total and i dont smoke but i cant do much exercise ) my risk is 2.9% and anything under 15% is good,

So basically putting the MS and the Thyroid thing aside im healthy.


Excellent news Lisa, well done losing all that weight, not an easy feat xx

Hi Lisa

That’s brilliant, so pleased for you, and big congratulations for managing to loose the weight, well done.

Its lovely to get good news, better than any medication.

Pam x

Hi Lisa Well done for losing the weight especially with the underactive thyroid. I am on levothyroxine for an underactive thyroid and I have struggled with weight for ages now. I too am trying to eat healthily but it is very slow going. Saying that I have seen such a difference to my well being. Do I remember right are you on the cave man diet? Mind you it has been easy this week, with this virus all I have fancied Is soup and fruit. This is the first day since Sunday that I have felt not too bad. Still no get up and go but at least the dreadful dizziness has gone. Well done you!! I am so jealous. Mags xx

Thank you everyone

Mags yes im doing the caveman diet, ive been doing it now since February 2013, its been hard going but the weight loss has helped alot to motivate me to stick to it. I dont know how long the Thyroid things been going on but the last month i have not lost even though im not eating anything differently. Just hope it can be sorted, ive still got 16 to 20lbs to lose yet ( not sure yet what my goal weight is).


Ooh Mags i do hope your better soon, its not very nice for us when we’re ill. Sending you a (((((((((hug)))))))))) to help you feel better.

Lisa xx

Great news Lisa! Esp well done for losing so much weight!! I’m on the ‘no junk, no snacks’ diet & last week had lost 2lb (after 2 weeks of doing the diet)… so at least it’s something. Slow but sure. You’ve done really well. Pat pats you on the back!!! Pat xx :wink:

Well done to you as well Pat.

Pam x

Yes Pat, well done for losing 2lb, every little helps as they say, well Tesco’s does anyway .