bit of good news

Hi all, a bit of good news for a change i got my 50lb certificate today at weight watchers Im doing the Terry Whahls diet, well some of it anyway and using th pro-points plan to keep in check, been doing it since Feb. Lisa x

Well done. I have put so much weight on since my mobility declined and medication increased and can’t shift it. I’m really pleased for you, and jealous.

Cath xx

Well done Lisa, really great achievement! Teresa xx

Well done Lisa.

Pam x

Thank you Yeah feeling better in myself in that i dont get out of breath anymore or that i dont snore now but my mobility or lack of, means that i cant feel the benefit of the weight loss like i should which does upset me a bit oh well not much i can do about that so i will just have to deal with it Lisa x

Well done Lisa Nina x