Fat breakthrough.

Hello, everyone.

It’s unseasonably mild in East Sussex; so much so that I’m sweating buckets at night. My legs are particularly sensitive at the moment and I’m getting quite a few bouts of dizziness. In addition, I had the absolute temerity to be wheeled into our local pub last night and actually enjoy myself. But even better, I went onto the scales to discover that I am now sub-fifteen stone. That’s a stone and a half since July. Oh, the little things mean so much.

Best wishes, Steve.


That is no small thing! First the pub 2nd the weight. That is fantastic. Well done! It is so hard lose weight. I am so pleased for you. You must feel so much better? You have inspired me to start again I lost nearly 2 stone but unfortunately have put it all on again! Have a wonderful and thinner New Year. Anne


Oh well done Steve one and a half stone is a massive achievement.

Jan x


well done Steve,hope you can keep it off now,i lost one and a half stone last year but ive put 10lb back on due to me eating too much chocolate lol.I am starting again after xmas to try and get some more off as i felt better for it.

J x

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Steve - Here in Warwickshire/Worcs - [yes. we live on the ‘border’] lt has been so warm - no need for the central heating- and when we light the wood-burner l soon have to open doors to cool down. We have roses still blooming - and raspberries - l am still picking. And up our drive and along the lane are primroses in bloom. ln tubs - we still have geraniums/lobelia all still flowering away. And the grass is still growing like made. Our horses/ponies are more intent on grazing in the paddocks - only come in for hay when it is raining hard.

l don’t believe it!!! What is happening. We never do get extreme weather as we live so far from the coast.

l am still following my 5-2 diet - and find l eat less. Have lost 16lb - and seem to be stuck at that - lt has become a way of life now - and a smaller plate- and hardly any carbs - so no stressing about what to eat.

My brother sent me a Waitrose Christmas Hamper - and l went through it looking at all the delectable goodies. Now normally, l would have started on all the delights of nougat - chocs - biscs etc. But not now - felt no urge to gobble it all up.

l now have 15 to cook for on christmas day -[ and possibly 8 dogs] Every year, l say l am going to keep it ‘simple’ - then l watch Tom Kerridge and James Martin - and of course Mary Berry and Nigella and l start thinking of new ideas. Preparing all this food does mean l eat less - as l find l can’t face it once it is all served up.

Seasons Greetings to one and all.



SJ, those TV chefs have got a lot to answer for. I just love those programmes. My wife Jo is a superb cook as well. But the diet continues.

Best wishes. Steve.

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Well done Steve!!! Losing weight with MS deserves a medal.

I never watch cooking shows. They are the worst thing ever invented. While I watch them cooking duck breast I nip off to the kitchen for bread and jam.

Glad you had a good time in the pub!

Pat xx

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Wow, well done to those of you losing the weight, as mentioned, not an easy thing to do. And yes, there are far too many really good cooks on the telly, no matter how hard I try to ignore them they weave a spell on me. My only saving grace is my short term memory loss. Unfortunately my brain reminds me more to eat than to diet though. Another new years resolution to break…


Well done Steve,

I’m just about struggling to maintain and not increase what i put on in the last 2 years since the wheelchair…yes i blame it all on the wheelchair, and lack of exercise, it has absolutely nothing to do with my cravings for crisps and chocolate! Its funny Rochelle has shed 2 stone immediately after having the babies and she looks like a yummy mummy…but sadly for me the baby pics tell no lies and poor Nana Shell looks very "cuddly " and has a double chin.

Michelle x

Oh dear Michelle. We never buy crisps because they are my one true weakness. Jo lost all her pregnancy weight soon after Rose was born. Now she sits there feeding herself delicious food while I sit there contemplating the delights of an English apple. But if I include the daily dieting as part of the daily struggle of man vs MS, it makes it slightly more manageable.

Now it’s Christmas with a new baby in the family-it’s not time to think about the fine details of weight etc.

Best wishes, Steve x.

Well down l wish l could lose it l just look at a cream bun and put it on take care over christmas every one regards Jan xx

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Your right Steve, i need to cut out the crisps, in January I’ll definitely start again, i never used to have a weight problem till i hit mid forties about the same time as i got ill, i used to be a size 10 but i’m now a 14 and nothing fits and i think you always look bigger when you are in a wheelchair, our eldest son gets married in April so i have a good incentive,…Me and Frazer need to look good.

Michelle x

Well done Steve, losing weight has been my main concern this year, lost 2 stone since January, but stayed the same since March, blood hard work but on the 5-2 diet now so fingers crossed for 2016. But very well done you.

Happy Christmas Deborah

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