The Bake Off and diet conundrum.

Hello good people.

Yesterday, I stood on the scales (a feat in its own right) to discover that I’d lost a stone since the middle of July. BUT, I have watched every round of the Great British Bake Off. It is fair to say that I have been caught between the rock and the hard place. I know for certain that my wife will continue to improve her already substantial baking skills, filling the house with wonderful tempting aromas, whilst I relish the delights of an apple lunch.

Fortunately my wife’s family are very enthusiastic consumers of her culinary delights and therefore spare me any falls from grace. The diet will continue. I will also continue to be the maker of pastry and scones. I will make, but rarely eat.

Sigh. Steve.


Hi Steve

Wow, a stone since July, give yourself a well deserved Pat on the back, together with a huge round of applause, you must feel chuffed to bits.

You can still enjoy all the lovely aromas coming from your wife’s baking, even if you have to forgo enjoying the taste, or if like me you may well be thinking a very small slice won’t hurt lol

Well done Steve…keep up your good work.

Pam x

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Incredible Steve! Well done! Very, very difficult to diet with cake in the cupboard!

Nina X

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Well done Steve… I’m full of admiration!

Pat xx

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well done Steve, i love cake and love baking too, trouble is i cant resist it when i have made it, you must have strong willpower,unlike me,what the secret of scones i just cant get them right somehow.i lost one and a half stone last year but have put 7lbs back on due to my love of chocolate and cake

J x

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Thank you. I’m only a third of the way there I think. I’ve got rid of my retirement weight; the weight I put on after giving up work. But if I keep going I’m hoping to reach below 15 stone by the time I’m 60 which is at the end of November. 7 pounds to go.


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Mrs J.

Sorry I missed the bit about the scones. I spend a fair bit of time crumbing the butter and flour before adding fruit. Then I’ll add a bit of milk and get a thicker crumb before adding more milk. I don’t work the dough too hard but like to end up with a clean bowl. Sometimes it may take more or less milk. Gentle hands are best.

Good therapy for sore throats.

Best wishes, Steve x.

Well done Steve, I can’t get on the scales safely so I don’t know if my imaginary diet is working.

You have done well Steve, I lack the will power and am heavier than I have ever been. I really should follow your example.


Well done Steve a stone is a great achievement

Jan x