Pain, pain and more pain

Hi all,

I get pain pretty much all the time mainly shooting and stabbing pains that I couldn’t of imagined could get more painful.

Fast forward to this last week and these pains have somehow been so intensified I’m struggling to work. One instance I felt like I had been hit with a stun gun as if someone had just ripped the nerve right out my leg!

I’ve never had this level of pain before I’m not sure what to do about it, I’m not in any pain medication as the past 2 haven’t ever been strong enough and I give up with them.

Is this possibly a relapse?


In my opinion you should ask either an MS nurse, or your neurologist or GP and they should try to tell you the cause of this pain and try to suggest ways to improve your circumstances.

Good luck


i describe my pain as like walking on razor blades.

maybe a tad dramatic but it explains my very s l o w walk.

it’s the hubby who needs to understand.

it is hard because only other people who have neuropathic pain can understand.

i decided that i’m a tough old bird but… owwww!

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i take cannabis high in cbd it is amazing for pain,you now can get cbd oil from either health food shops or the internet,you need to get 10% or above, hope you get something what works i only get pain at night which is bad enough.

I am off to the Docs again this morning, the pain since December has been bonkers! I have this problem when the weather gets very cold, even if I stay in and keep the temperature warm. I have pain killers (thank the powers that be) and need to check with him that it is just the usual thing and carry on. I’m sure it is because when I go downhill, I feel and look grey straight away. I don’t feel like that at the moment, in fact I feel ok it just flamin’ hurts. At least it has sharpened up my swearing repertoire. I have also thrown quite a few things in the back room. I’m sure I will feel better when I can go and attack something in the garden, very carefully and slowly of course.