pain moving around

The pain I get is generally in my thigh but recently it’s moved to my calf and foot. The pain is not constant but extremely painful and im always thinking when will the electric pain happen again. …any ideas why the pain moves? Thank you guys.

hiya andy

the glaring words for me reading ur post are-i am always thinking when…

u r waiting for the pain, ur body is geared up expecting the pain so it will appear-wherever! thats why it moves. what is pain? can u draw me a pic to show me it-i guess not. its nerve pain BUT very real to experience!

i have had ms a ‘while’ now. have taken amytrip over the years but got of it through meditation and questioning what is happening in/with my body. I AM NOT SAYING ditch the medication! just offering another way of looking at the situation. the mind is a very powerful tool and we underestimate its value. if needed i will take drugs again to kickstart reducing/find a way of coping with the pain and then review from there. our bodies are changing constantly-best thing i can suggest is work WITH it,not against it.

our bodies are stupid! learn to beat it at its own game! smile now-go on, smile at the screen! ur brain has no idea if ur smile is genuine or fake/put on! u have kickstarted chemical reactions in ur body just by smiling! is ur leg sore? even if it is u have been momentarily distracted by something else so u were not focussing on the pain …

enjoy playing!

ellie x


what wise words - l am grinning from ear to ear - and hoping the gout in my big toe will go. l have also drunk cider vinegar and honey - to help - its alkaline and normalises the ph.

So yes smile - turn that frown - upside down.

hiya sj (and others who have sent me pm re my message)

i am not saying its easy-its far from easy! i do know that pain can be all consuming and unbearable, have been there (and will be again no doubt) but will address that when/if it happens. i do know the worst thing to do is focus on the pain-which is easy done in middle of night-everything seems worse then!

simple and now-keep it simple (we all complicate things), live in the now, not the past or future. when i am struggling (physically or mentally) i try to see through each 15 mins (would be better if i could right ‘now’ but i am working on it

ellie x

Great comments guys. And I’m smiling. Big hugs. X.

Are the transient pain…its like throwing the dice where will it land next lol…

I get the pain in my left thigh, then my right shin, then my left foot then, my right ankle, then I shake it all about lol…

I think sometimes it also depends on what I have been doing and if I am over heated.

I do not take any form of medication.

For me I use my own CBT. I am so used to my pain now its odd. I said to my neuro once can you become addicted to pain, and he said yes quite likely lol…smiling at me.

I just know when I wake up i will be in pain, fizzing, tingling, aching, burning, and now I just forget about it and do other things. I know the pain isnt going to kill me its going to be with me for the rest of my life, so i have made my peace with it.

It moves Andy because it is coming from your nervous system. I would also think too sometimes more pain can be a sign you are in for an infection or cold.

I know mine is always worse just before the onset of a UTI.