what is this pain?

Hi, I posted earlier about leg pain that id had in the night. Its come back about half an hour ago. What is it? Its like a pain in lower leg and thigh that comes and goes like someone pressing an on/off switch. I’m more worried cos its in my good leg…does this mean that this is now going to be effected? I’m getting lil worriednow that both sides are deteriorating :frowning: x

it may not be the same, but i had a pain very similar to what you’ve described in my left arm prior to diagnosis. when it came on it was excruciating, then it would disappear…had this on 5 occasions 4 months ago and haven’t had it since and my arm is now fine. hope it disappears for you x

I hope so. Its weird as it seems to come on when I’m not doing anything i.e chilling sitting down. Started when I was asleep, went when I got up, came back after id had a nap before tea, went when I nipped to the shop for painkillers for it, then had gone by the time id come back, and now ive sat down again it feels like its coming back! Very frustrating. Don’t want my good leg to let me down. Thanks hun. X

It’s kinda burning now rather than pain? Weird symptoms this m.s malarkey x

mine felt like i had poison injected into my arm…a burning aching sensation that words couldn’t describe! happened at night when i was sleeping…the first time it happened i wrote down a description - as best i could - in case i was dead in the morning so they’d know what had happened!!!

take care you xxx

Haha…that made me chuckle, know its not funny though! Yes it’s very weird! X

:stuck_out_tongue: i like to be organised!!! :slight_smile: xxx

So do I that’s why it made me laugh…:slight_smile: x

If it feels more like burning it is probably neuropathic pain and normal painkillers won’t be very effective for long. I had a burning sensation in my arm and it gradually got worse until I couldn’t even bear a cotton sheet touching my arm, I spent a couple of nights trying to sleep with one arm hanging out of bed until my nurse came out to me and prescribed amitriptyline. I think there are other drugs you could try if that doesn’t work for you. The main thing is, if it persists seek medical help. The amitriptyline took another 5 days to kick in by which time I was a zombie so please seek help sooner rather than later. I always learn the hard way :frowning:

Tracey x

Thanks, it was more like a pain most of the time, then was burning then pain again. However touch wood I’ve not had it since about 9last night. X