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Hi, something very bizarre  happened last night and would just like to know if anyone else has had the same thing or has any info on it.

My right thigh  had 'hot pain' all evening to the point I didn't know what to do with it. It didn't feel hot to touch but I read somewhere before that if you put heat pads on 'cold pain' it can work. So I decided to try the opposite and got the ice pack  and put it on my thigh. My whole leg went berserk, shooting all over the place. It wasn't painful just completely uncontrollable and uncomfortable more than anything. It lasted for a couple of minutes, although my whole leg  still felt  'twitchy' for quite a while afterwards.

Any ideas? 


Hi ya

Sensory/neuropathic pain can come in various forms: burning, stabbing, aching, spasms/twitching etc etc. It's definitely worth mentioning to your neuro or GP particularly if it's becoming troublesome as there are various meds available that can help. It can sometimes be trial & error to find the right drug for you and at the right dose, but they do help to take the edge off.

Hope that helps

Debbie xx



I’ve never had that reaction when I’ve used ice packs for burning do I’m afraid I can’t shed any light on it. Burning is a really common symptom. Neuropathic painkillers like gabapentin, pregabalin and amitriptyline can help loads.

Karen x

Yeah burning pain is a common symptom. I have it as well as a gnawing, shooting and tingling pain. Nothing makes it better for me though. I've tried deep heat and the cooling cream, heat packs, massage, pain killers, walking, stretching and it doesn't work. I'm waiting to see the neurologist again and I'm going to ask for something more suitable to treat the pain. I've had 2 natural births and I would happily go through that again to be rid of the burning lol.

Not sure if this counts as the same thing. When I have put my legs in cold water e.g. paddling in the sea my legs give way. This  happened for a few years when I didn't suspect I had MS. As you say it's totally uncontrollable, my legs just wanted to do their own thing. Now I can't feel the temperature - doesn't matter if my bath water is hot or cold!

My feet are constantly hot and my right leg and lower body is much the same, gets worse when tired. I only last week explained to my MS Nurse that my sun--burn is annoying, thats what it feels like, it's now listed in my notes as As sugested there are meds availble to ease these but I decline them becuase most side effects are drowsiness which is the last thing I need, I have enough problems staying awake after work as it is.

Good luck