Pain in wrists, hands and arms

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I was wondering if anyone else had experience of deep aching pain in wrists, hands and arms. It isn’t like the usual pins and needles type neuropathic pain, and feels as though it’s more in the joints. It comes and goes, and gets really quite painful. I’m not getting any swelling or redness/heat, so I don’t think it is arthritis. And all of the joints work fine - just the pain. Any experiences?

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hi rebecca

i mentioned various aches and pains to my ms nurse and she said it may be arthritis because you’re at the age for it.


she is lovely though and apologised straightaway.

carole x

Ha - talking to GP about fitness this week and he said ‘well, 46… it gets A LOT harder…’

I’m having physio for the same thing. I have started doing the physio excersises as much as I can during the day, when I have the heating on and the house is comfy. My Gp wrote to the hospital telling them they were useless, since then appointments have come my way. A very good physio lady has been treating me. I think on the quiet, she does quite a lot of research for my problems and treats my pain/stiffness etc as an individual thing not just a blanket problem. So for me she is brill.

I also at this time of year as the stiffness always get worse, go for massage. Yesterday was my first for ages, she did the head neck, arms and hands. Sometimes this is the only way I can feel what is going on in my body. When she presses and massages, I can tell which bits feel better or worse, which bits are lumpy, stuck, stiff etc and also I can ask her opinion. Yesterday, to me the left felt worse, my massage lady said that actually the right is tighter and less responsive. So now I can tailor my excercises to give that right side a better work out (whilst watching tv). I have a lot of feet excercises too, all of them are tailored so that I can either do them standing, sitting, or in bed which is very helpful as I am not always up and about.

Last year, I had trigger finger and my hand didn’t work so I am determined to do as much as possible to prevent that happening again a lot. It will a bit, as it is now an intrinsic fault within my arm, but I hope to minimise it and keep it as flexible as possible. Hope this helps. ps It took a total of two years for me and my GP to get the physio appoinntments properly.

Thank you !

No personal experience, but could possibly be Carpal Tunnel and worth checking with your GP.

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I have this exact pain and went for an xray and go blood checked and nothing showed up, tehy referred my to a rheumatologist but it timed out so I never got seen. d

I have had a similar pain and have been through the whole process including x rays and blood tests but nothing showed up. I was prescribed oral steroids as my GP believed I’d had a small relapse. At work to help me out, my boss brought me a joystick mouse, which has made things so much easier. :slight_smile: Sharon x

My index finger on my right hand, the tip of that finger hurts whenever I press on it with my fingernail, whenever I type it doesn’t hurt, I got this last year and it hasn’t gone away, sometimes it doesn’t hurt for example during school or the day I don’t really notice it only until I have to write with my pencil. I play the piano and I’m learning a sing where I have to press down sharply to create a loud sound, is this a common thing? Can it be cured by exercises like these or with some massages How do I make this go away or something.

I started having an aching pain in my shoulder, which then seemed to spread to my upper arm, then my lower arm, my wrist, and my hand. When the pain first started I thought I had slept funny on it. When it lingered in my wrist I thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome. I spoke to several people about CTS and all of them referenced numbness and tingling. (I have that off and on in both my hands and feet - who does’nt with MS) this is different. This pain is like that of a broken arm. It keeps me up at night, I can’t lift things, I can’t turn it in certain ways - like brushing hair, writing, tying bows, etc… the pain seems to be able to be found when pressing in certain areas, but truthfully really just hurts everywhere even when not using it at all. Sometimes I wrap it which helps a bit, sometimes I take pain pills, but most of the time I find I just try not to use it. :slightly_frowning_face: About a month ago I saw my GP. She gave me steroids for my asthma. I told her about the pain, she seemed to think the steroids would also help my wrist/hand/arm pain. She said if it did’nt I should mention it at my next neurologists appointment. Well it did not and in fact I believe has gotten worse. My appointment is in about 2 weeks. I can’t wait. It really hurts so bad. Did you ever find anything out,or have any luck?

Mmmm I have something similar. It started in my left arm (mid September) and has spread to my right in the last 5 weeks. It is strange it only hurts some of the time and the pain feels like a raw pain (like a sore throat) If i press just below my elbow on the back of my arm it feels sensitive (like an old bruise) It hurts all of the time if i stretch my arms and they are both weaker (lifting things out of cupboards/lifting pans/things out of the oven etc is possible but really difficult with pain and extreme effort -especially if I have to reach AND lift!) I mentioned it to my MS nurse and she just suggested increasing my Gabapentin but that hasn’t sorted it, in fact it has probably got worse

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Your experience sounds different than what I have been experiencing. Mine does not feel at all nerve pain like. More like that of an injury - problem is, I never injured myself. Anyway, I wanted to say, be careful with taking the Gabapentin. It gets prescribed, so it would seem, to everyone I know for everything you can imagine. Personally I take it for restless leg syndrome. I’ve heard it can be very addictive, though I have not experienced that. It is used for pain, spasms, seizures, stomach issues etc… I take 3 300mg. Tablets at bedtime. It does not always work, but some times does. It always makes me groggy. A friend of mine says she read an article about it causing a loss in brain activity that is irreversible. I mentioned that to my neurologist and he pulled a face and dismissed it saying he had not ever heard anything about that being true. Still you have to wonder. Personally I am always feeling confused and forgetful. Is it my age, my MS, a side effect of my meds, or a result of a med?!?

I have problems and pains in both arms. My physio feels that I have tennis elbow and it could take 2 years to get better.

I also have what i believe is trigger finger. It is very very painful. My fingers lock 8nto my hand. I have to prise them open. My physio thinks it is an MS problem. Anyone else had this problem ?

Hi all, when i had pains in lower limbs and hands i was prescribed Gabapentin, worked a treat when they up’d the dose to 600mg 3 times a day, i took up crossfit then functional fitness (similar exercises) i’m 49 with RR for 9 years +. Not suited for everyone but worked for me. Jim

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Have experienced neuropathic pain in arms and legs, mostly on right side, for some time. Was prescribed Gabapentin which seems to help and also calms down the restless legs at night. Have stuck to the lowest dose of Gabapentin as I’m worried about becoming addicted to it, but so far, a low dose seems to work fairly well. Trouble is because of the effects of drowsiness I don’t have anything effective for the pain during the day, but at the moment it’s bearable, I feel trying to get a better night’s sleep is more important at the moment.