Stiff and sore anyone else get this ?

Hi everyone

it’s a number of years since I last posted on here but was just wondering if anyone else gets this problem. My arms and hands are stiff and sore at the moment, it’s been a problem for a long while but what started with one arm and hand is now both sides, it’s very hard to explain, I can move them fine but it’s painful to do so. Would love to hear if anyone else gets this and has found any relief as it’s horrible, you don’t realise how much you rely on your upper limbs until something like this.


I don’t have problems with my hands, but have been having trouble with my upper arms over the past few weeks. It’s as if I’ve been doing press-ups or lifting heavy weights, neither of which is possible.


Yikes, yes. Both and both. Helped a little this year by neuro-physio, daily exercises at home too (small ones like rolling a ball in my hand then up my arm), I also try to have days when I do less with my hands and arms and also days when I alternate which side is the strongest to give the other side a rest. All not helped at this time of year with the weather change. I also have trigger finger which was diagnosed this year which is really annoying and may or not be linked to the stiffness in my shoulders and arms. I have one of those cheap stretchy bandages which I sometimes pull up on to my shoulder and stretches all down my arm, it gives a little comfort sometimes. I have a wrist/hand harder bandage for really bad days for support. These help me a little. Doctor is not sure if this is M.S. linked or just getting old (he said with a snigger), I think he was erring on the side of getting to an age as other things were happening too.

I have had to introduce loads of gadgets into the kitchen to help my stiff hands and arms. They have helped loads, most important was changing my crockery for plastic plates and bowls so each time I pick up one, it is less bother for my poor hands and arms. I have some very smart plastic picnic type plates and matching knives and forks with a pansy design. I also bought some cheap saucespans which weigh nothing at all really. The Doctor ages ago suggested getting those baskets which fit inside saucespans, so when you take your veg out you and just lifting the veg and not the pan, veg and all the water. I chucked my kettle and bought a one-cup-boil thingy so I don’t have to pick up a heavy kettle. It all helps.


Hi to you. I get stiff n sore everyday it’s worse in the winter my back hips legs go weak n hard To get out if bed I night am on morphine but it don’t help constantly got flares Every where I winter I hate it. Dolphin_500

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Thanks for the comments and advice folks, sorry it’s taken so long to reply being unable to reply on the forum for technical reasons. Marie

Yep - get weird pain in my fingers, wrists and elbows - had tests done to rule out other things, so they’ve decided it is the MS. It can get quite bad at times

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