Pain in the back

Hi all. I was out shopping today and whilst waiting in the queue to pay I had a sudden bad pain in my lower back and my knees started to give way. At the same time I noticed that I had bad aching in my head at the base of my skull and felt dizzy/swimmy. The worst only lasted a few seconds but the headache and dizziness lasted for a few hours. I was wondering if anyone has had anything like this happen to them before. Do you think I should mention it to my MS nurse ?? In anticipation Steve

Hi Steve

I have had this also. Spoke to MS nurse and she wasn’t too concerned and after speaking to her it eased the next day. As I’m new to MS I have decided this is just how it will be sometimes and that given a day or two it goes away. This is only my take on it but I’m sure other people will have experienced this too. All the best Janet c

Hi steve. My lower back does that all the time now, can’t even stand and pee without my legs slowly collapsing and telling the ms nurse is a waist of time, they will just give you another type of pill that they have no idea if it will help, and as long as they are ok and have a good salary why give a sh•••! Sorry but getting used to the reality that there is no cure, (yet) so we are alone.

Hi, I go every few months to a chiropractor, I have always had problems with my back and neck but since having ms its much worse, now I wouldn’t be able to cope without the Chiropractor, it might help with your problems.