back pain anyone?

Does anyone have lower back pain? i get pain monthly with my cycle, but this is different, stops me in my tracks at times, have to watch which way i move and i cant think of doing anything ive done to hurt it. painkillers, infra red lamp, hot baths not helping!! also had blurry vision at the same time which i havent had in a long time, could it be all connected to ms? im still waiting dx.

thanks Mo

Tbh, it could be anything

Maybe see a physio to get an idea if it’s skeletomuscular at least? If it isn’t, then you’ll probably need a neuropathic painkiller.

Blurred vision is common in MS. An eye test will help to work out the cause - have you seen an optician recently? Definitely worth getting it checked out.

I hope things get better soon.

Karen x

Thanks Karen, will go and get eyes tested. tonight i have had tightnings across my middle back!!??

mo x