back ache?

Hi, just wondered about aches that I’ve been experiencing. Could these be symptoms? About a month ago I felt like I’d sprained my wrist though I couldn’t remember doing anything to it. It cleared after a couple of days. Then I had the same with my ankle. Now my back is hurting and again not sure what I’ve done. Really think I sound like a hypercondriac. Can I take pain killers with gabepentin? Should I mention these pains to my gp? Lynn

Hi, also having sudden urgency to go to loo. Memory worse than my daughters fish

Hi, could the back problem be down to poor posture? I know that`s what caused mine.

I keep having to find a better support cushion. It`s fine now.

luv Pollx

Hi Lynn

I think generally speaking most people have aches & pains of some form or another so it’s not necessarily related to ms. Maybe some gentle stretches may help? Or maybe a heat pack may ease the pain? If it doesn’t go away or if things get worse then it might be best to see your GP.

The issues with your memory & bladder are worth mentioning to your neuro when you next see him. I find that brain games can sometimes help with my memory - and things like crosswords etc. I also have loads of calendars, diaries and post it notes stuck everywhere and I also use my phone alarm to remind me to take my meds and try to stick to a routine where possible. Every little helps as they say!

Good luck

Debbie xx

Hi Lynn,

Prior to being diagnosed (years before, in some cases), I had many a trip to the doctor’s with what I assumed were “injuries”. Which I always found hard to explain, as I wasn’t particularly sporty or physical.

I now think all this was MS-related.

As Polly mentions, poor posture is common with MS. Balance, muscular strength, and coordination can all be affected, which can go on to cause aches and pains.


Just a quickie to say, yes, you can take painkillers with gabapentin.

Karen x