MS and lower back pain

Hi Everyone,

I have seen threads on the subject - but wondered if anyone thinks that the two issues might be related?

I have been suffering severely for years with lower back pain. I feel like it’s something the Neuro would say is not related to MS. But I was just wondering what everyone else thinks?

Also, while we are on the subject. For years I have been having sharp pain that lasts around 3-4 seconds when I chew (the first two or three bites). It will be there for a few weeks and happen several times a day. Then I go through periods of not having it for ages. I asked the Neuro about it, and he said he does not think it’s related to MS, as I have had it since my teens. To me it sounds a bit like Trigeminal Neuralgia. Just wondered if anyone else has an opinion on it?

(Yes, I am aware, you guys are not doctors and I should listen to my Neuro. Just looking for some opinions from people who have experienced these things, I am not looking for medical advice).



Lower back pain could be the result of something you do rather than an MS symptom in its own right.

I don’t know about TN though.



Sorry have you been diagnosed with ms or are you in limbo land and trying to find reason for things thats are going wrong with your body ?

I know i have a lower back ache and have done all year now , but had never linked it to a possible ms diagnosis i had far to many other symptoms going on in my body lol , and as for your TN im sorry ive never ever heard of that .

I hope you find the answers you are looking for , im sorry i cant be any help.

Best Wishes Iain.

Hi all,

thanks for the responses.

I do have the diagnosis of RRMS unfortunately.

thank you


hi emily

possibly your posture has been affected by ms.

you need strong core muscles to support your back.

pilates is wonderful for this.

hope you get some relief

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thanks for your response ! At the expense on sounding ignorant, please keep in mind I’m new to MS, how would MS affect your posture ?

I love Pilates actually and have done a lot of it in my time. But my back problems haven’t been resolved by it! I’ll step it up again !




If your ms is causing you problems with your walking this will have an impact on your gait and possible posture , which will in turn have an impact on your back muscles and could be the reason your suffering with a bad back.

If your not having problems with your walking then please scrub all the above .

Best Wishes Iain .

Hi Iain,

thanks for your reply ! No I am not having any trouble walking at all. I fell over twice in the last week, quite badly, but I am just going to put that down to clumsiness. If it continues then it might be something I need to look into.

Other than that, no problems walking. Except that I have a funny posture, caused by my back pain. For example I can’t just stand up straight quickly from sitting. I have to slowly waddle around hunched over for a while until I can stand up straight and walk normally. That’s the back pain causing it though I think. I look silly for sure… And today I fell really badly down some stairs at the aiport. Pretty embarrassing… My laptop, passport and phone fell all the way to the bottom of the stairs, which was 3 flights or so. Not a good moment.



Believe me if its TN you would know the pain is unbearable. I have had it and could have thrown myself off a bridge for relief.

as you have had this since you were young i cant think it can be TN have you checked your dentist over this, it could be something like Temporomandibular disorder do you get a clicking as well? No i am not a doctor but a pain when chewing can be down to something in your jaw.

What type of MS do you have as i know a lot of people like myself with MS who get lower back pain. I use a heat pad on mine. It can be quite bad at times.

TN stands for Trigeminal Neuralgia

One of the worse pains known to man i think. A friend i have in the states was so bad with it, with his MS, but finally they did a new procedure on him and it has worked and he is a new man, and his wife is very happy now as he was unbearable to live with.