Back spasm

Hello everyone, advice needed please, I bent forward this morning while sitting on my bed and the bottom of my back seemed to get stuck and it was agony, I had to stay in the same position for an hour then managed to stand up and walk but it is still painful and I am afraid to move is this MS related and has anyone any suggestions what I can do thank you.


Sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

I’ve recently had something similar, struggled to get out of bed and then couldn’t get down the stairs! Took about 10 mins to reach the bottom but slowly it started to ease a bit!

Like you, I am unsure if its ms related, but saw my gp who agreed that the muscles at the bottom of my back had gone into spasm and prescribed diazepam. This helped intially, and the worst of the pain has gone, but my back now feels really stiff!

Best thing to do if in doubt is to contact your ms nurse and get advice, i’m still waiting to hear back from mine!

Hope you’re feeling better soon

Take care

Jen x