Bad back

Hi all. I am nearly paralized, with extrem pain on my back. It is so painfull, I can walk slowly, but need help to stand up. Sitting now is a killer, and it took me 10 minutes to manage to get out of bed. My as always question is, is this MS related, or shall I go to E&A? Anyone with a similar problem? thanks

Hi Miza, I wonder if this is an extreme spasm?

What meds, if any, are you taking.?

Did this happen just today?

Even if it is an MS problem, you still need it sorting?

Ring 111 and see whay they say?

luv Pollx

i’ve got bad pain in my neck but goes when I lay down and get weight off neck. Neuro thinks may not be MS related. GP thinks athritus caused by a sprain, had it over a year now. I have spine lesions. So It may not be MS related. like Poll says do get it investigated.

Thank you Poll.

I am on amytriptiline, but for the pain, tried diazepan, ibuprofen and called gp, who told me to take Co-Dydramol.

So far nothing is working. It was just like that, yesterday just starting aching, no bad movements or anything. And it’s not getting any better.


I had similar, found out I had a prolapsed disk, would be worth having another mri, then chiropractor and physioxx

Hi Miza!

Without knowing the background to how your back pain developed ie. have you moved awkwardly etc, personally, I would not discount your back pain, as not being MS related. Only you can determine this. There is such a condition as Secondary Dystonia which as Poll pointed out, can cause painful muscle spasms. Unfortunately, it is my over-riding MS symptom, so it and I are getting very familiar

The following link will give you more information about a condition that is not undeard of with Multiple Sclerosis. It’s worth raising your awareness of it, for future reference. Sorry, I can’t hyperlink it, so just copy/ paste onto your browser.

Best wishes

Tracyann xx