Pain in hips and pelvis

Hi everyone, I keep getting horrible pain that feels like it’s all around my hips and pelvis. I have a baby so sometimes it’s hard to know what is M S symptoms and what is just wear and tear from carrying a baby around. Has anyone else had this problem? :heart:

Hi LisaJane - yes I have had this problem for many years. In my case unfortunately I have had problems with my knees leading to a knee replacement that became hyper-mobile so needs to be re-done as well as the other knee needing to be replaced. I have also been told that I have hip dysplasia where the femur is malformed and doesn’t slot into the hip sockets correctly. So I have been going back and forwards to the Dr for years with back pain, and then hip pain etc eventually after deciding against the last surgery as I felt so ill, I was subsequently diagnosed with PPMS the neurologist saying he believes all my pain has stemmed from MS. This has now been changed to SPMS and I am back under the Orthopaedic team awaiting a second knee replacement. God only knows what the plan is re the hip dysplasia - I’m not sure if hip dyplasia is common or not with MS but it might be worth your while asking about it if the pain continues. Hope that hasn’t muddied the waters too much. Best wishes.

Hi LJ & Anon,

I was Dx…d with SPMS in 2012… have hip dysphasia also. Recently I am having trouble extending my right leg when in bed to contact with my base sheet! When I try to extend my leg completely I get a sudden retracting pulling reflex action of the leg muscle behind the knee and a sharp jabbing pain. I immediately have to draw in the leg.

Driving me nuts!