Aching hips, a symptom of SPMS?

Hi there MSers,
I’m just wondering if those who have shifted from RRMS to SPMS, experienced soreness in their hips, due to a much stiffened walking style.

I feel my mobility has progressively worsened last couple years, noticed I now have a gait with no knee flexion, just lifting and swinging through with the legs, could that be a reason for the aching hips? :footprints:
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Hi JP,

I totally relate to what you’re saying! I was diagnosed with RRMS about 10 years ago, and over the past few years, I’ve noticed a significant decline in my mobility. My neurologist told me I’ve transitioned to SPMS, and I’ve been experiencing a lot of stiffness and pain in my hips, especially after walking or standing for long periods.

I’ve also noticed that my gait has changed, and I tend to drag my legs more than I used to. I’ve been working with a physical therapist to try to improve my mobility and reduce the stiffness, but it’s an ongoing battle.

I think it’s definitely possible that the change in your gait could be contributing to the aching hips. When we compensate for our mobility issues by changing the way we walk, it can put additional strain on our joints, leading to pain and discomfort.

Have you talked to your neurologist or a physical therapist about your hip pain and mobility issues? They may be able to offer some additional insights or suggestions to help you manage your symptoms.

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Yes, I get exactly that. Not sure I have SPMS but anyway, always had slight problem with my right leg and over the years it’s got worse. Got an NHS physio appointment and also, because the waiting time for NHS was so long, I got a private session. Both physios recommended building up the strength in my right knee and the Private physio gave me some of those ‘exercise bands’ to use . Sitting down I put the band round my knees and then move my knees apart, a little over shoulder width and against the resistance of the band. I then stand up, without using my hands and keeping the band stretched between my knees. Then slowly sit down and repeat 6 times. Do that several times a day.

It seems to help but the exercise might be particular to me. Try getting a Physio appointment?

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I think have more general weakness in legs these days, I crumple to the floor often too.

Jp I get the same as you and my mobility has got worse the last 2 years, it’s progressing slowly. I use the elastic bands sitting exercises and they help a little. Warm weather means no exercise for me though, wiped out doing anything. I have same in that iv no knee flexion and I can’t lift my knees any bit. Dragging my legs to walk. No physios ever told me why. Weak glutes 1 physio told me. Baclofen doesn’t do anything for me too. No answers for you. Keep strong.

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