Pain in hands

Hi, I keep getting pains in my hands mainly at night…it’s only just come on the last few days. Is this a common symptom? Will it go or stay…makes my hands feel hot too. Thanks in advance guys x

Hi Lisa,

Do you suffer with neuropathic pain? It sounds like this is what could be causing the pains, although i’m not familliar with the hot feeling you describe. I get pains in my hands and pretty much everywhere else too, it seems worse at night but i put it down to being tired and having more time to notice it. I take Pregabalin, which does take the edge off the pains. If it continues and it is really distressing it might be worth mentioning to your GP or MS nurse. Hope it goes for you soon.

Laura x

No this is the first time I’ve had pain…well tell a lie had it a while ago when the sensations started in my hands 18mths ago but then it went and now ita back. Its not distressing just very uncomfortable. Thanks. Im due to see m.s nurse to start DMDs so I’ll mention it… Even hurts round my nails x