Pain in arm

Hi All

Since about 3pm this afternoon I have been getting pains down my left arm. It is sort of like spasm/shooting pain that is running down the back of my arm from the armpit area to nearly the elbow. It is waves of pain every 30 seconds or so rather than a constant pain.

It hadn’t occurred to me until about 10 minutes ago that maybe this could be a symptom. Does it sound like an ms symptom? Has anyone else had this?

It is possible that this is neuropathic pain (nerve pain associated with ms). If it continues to bother you then ask your ms nurse for pain killers. These are usually Amitriptyline/Gabapentin/ or Pregabalin. If you look at the publications on this site there is one on pain that might explain your symptoms. Hope that helps. Teresa.x


This is one sympton that I get periodocically, can be managed with tablets but to be honest unless it is really painful I tend not to bother, that way I have some where to turn when its REALLY bad. If you have a MS nurse I would say give them a call and chat it through. Sal x