pain in the....hands

Hello everyone, hope you have had fun festivities and looking forward to the New Year…

Over the past couple of days pain has developed in both hands. The pain is constant and just wondered if it is anything anyone else has experienced and if there is anything to help ease the pain, which is worse at night.

I am on full dose Tecfidera, which I started in September, and although the first 5 weeks were hell I think things have settled down. I have taken ibuprofen incase it is inflammation but have recently had a cold and am tired of taking pain killers!

Any suggestions would be welcome…

Thank you,

Debs xxx

Hi Debs - I’m in a similar boat, as my hands have started hurting too. I’ve suddenly got very stiff thumbs! Are you having trouble holding onto things? I have problem with doing things like preparing food for cooking - holding things down with one hand and cutting with the other. I’d be keen to know anyone else’s thoughts too - does hand massage help?




Hi Debs,

I don’t think theres any special significance to where the pain is, as MS pain can strike anywhere.

Like Bec, I do find my thumbs are a bit achy, but it’s more like a tiredness - not so bad I’m dropping things.

I think more important than where the pain is, is what type it is. If it responded to over-the-counter medication, personally, I wouldn’t stop it just because you’re tired of it. Are you honestly saying a painkiller is more of an inconvenience than the pain? In that case, it’s can’t be a very serious pain, as if it was, you’d be desperate for anything that helps.

Having said that, the type of inflammation caused by MS is in the brain and spinal cord only, and ibuprofen doesn’t fix it, sadly. So if they were having no effect, there’s no point persevering.

If over-the-counter stuff (which you can also get on prescription, so you’re not limited to tiny quantities and have to keep re-buying) doesn’t touch it, then it may be nerve pain, and there will be nothing over-the-counter for that; you’ll need a prescription.

The recent cold, which you mentioned only in passing, may not be such a coincidence, as I tend to find most of my MS symptoms get worse with a cold. I was wondering for years, pre-diagnosis, why I couldn’t seem to have an ordinary cold, like everyone else, and always felt as if I was dying. Well, now we know.

So it might be all connected, and pass off once the cold’s properly beaten.


Hi debs,I get pins and needles now and then in my hands but it goes away on its own

after a few days. I tend to get numb finger tips more often,this also goes away on its

own. I hope yours goes away soon also…

Terry x

hi debs

i get hands that lock into a spasm.

especially if driving and get stuck in a traffic jam.

my hands won’t let go of the steering wheel, i have to peel them off.

luckily it rarely happens to both hands at the same time.

i also have difficulty letting go of a cup if i’m passing it to someone.

lesson: don’t come for a brew at my house!

carole x

HEEHAW @ the tea thing Carole

Thank you all. The pain seems to have gone for now although my foot was extremely painful last night…something is going on…or maybe a feet/hand loving goblin is secretly punching me when I’m not looking!! haha

Anyway, maybe just too much rest over the hols. back to work tomorrow - no time to think about pain - wooopdewoop!

Debs xx

Hi Debs

I have a numbness in my right hand in fingers 3, 4, and 5. It doesn’t hurt as such but is very irritating. I have had it for nearly a year and have been told it will probably be permanent. Sometimes it gets worse at night and can keep me awake as my hand feels stiff and heavy. Don’t know if this sounds familiar or not but i am sure you are not alone

Hi Debs,

My hands lock every now and then, particularly on the side which isnt supposed to be affected, it hurts and I cannot unlock it, usually when Im trying to move something too heavy or driving. Its a bloomin nuisance and quite frightening when it happens as I also drop things and cannot control my own fingers, its not guaranteed.

I hate this bloomin ms thingy, it is central to my life now and I hate it with avengence. Where has the old me gone?



Hi all, I have also had pain in my arms and hands, my thumbs especially. They feel very stiff and slow if that makes sense. I’ve tried over the counter Meds and don’t seem to work. For the past few days I have woken up( after a poor nights sleep) feeling like I have been run over by a bus! Also a headache that will not shift even after Meds I was trying to avoid a trip to docs but think I will have to go. I use my hands a lot at work and trying not to let this god damn MS get the better of me. I love my job ( I’m a prison officer) and would like to do it as long as I can so need to get this pain in check. Hope you all are feeling well take care in this cold weather brrrr.

Hi Debs

I have been on full dose Tech for over a year now and things seem to be fine besides this pain in the hands. Recently i have had some quite bad pain on the left side of my wrist (palm side up) and in my thumbs on both hands. I can be very sore but tends to fade after a day or so. My nurse says it could be cramping but feels like a sprain but i known i have not sprained it.

Pain that usually appears in the hands and feet in people with MS is probably neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain is a sensation caused by damaged nerves in the spinal column or brain.

Neuropathic pain cannot be treated with aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen.

There are several drugs available to treat it. Your MS nurse can advise you and your GP can prescribe.


Hi Debs,

Have only just looked on here again since first thing yesterday…I don’t have anything helpful to add…

BUT when I logged into the forum and there is an abbreviation of the comment title, “Pain in the…” sounded like it had the potential to be so much more amusing???

On a more serious note though, I periodically have some pain in my left hand and have used a stress ball to squeeze… it hurts at first but seems to kind of free it up and ease the pain.

Ruth x

I have peripheral neuropathic pain in my hands and feet. It can be burning / freezing / buzzing / electrical shocking / numbing etc…

It comes and it goes. It can pulse. It can be a constant sensation. It is variable in its onset, duration, severity and ‘theme’.

But the one consistency seems to be a factor of overall fatigue; i am not saying absolutely dog tired, nor mentally stressed out… but more a case of having two hours short of a full night’s sleep for several consecutive days kind of weary. (aka your typical working week!!)

A good night’s sleep, most importantly without a boofing dog at 3am nor alarm clocks at 6:30, can ease the sensations considerably.

I share this to give food for thought, based upon my own experiences and nothing more.

Good luck to us!

I have RA as well as MS so never sure when pain strikes if it is one or the other unless it is obvious nerve pain…However having been given wax therapy on my hands for RA it also calmed down my hand spasms .

I used to get this was bath at physio dept but have been discharged now so looking at buying a kit myself.

When no reasonably hot wax bath available I wrap a microwave heated wheat bag around my hands.

Might help, good luck.


New to the board, just seen this.

I have pain in hands and my Neurologist prescribded Versatis.

It numbs the pain.

Good luck.