Oysters (not MS)

Hi folks Yesterday I had a very nasty bout of food poisoning thanks to 3 oysters, strangely i’m feeling better today and just left with MS, life is funny. I realised I can manage with my hellish disease but DO NOT offer me any seafood. Oh! and the weather was foul for the 2 nights I was away from home, very glad to be home AND the sun is shinning! Keep well, take care, M

hey! That really sucks!! But @ least the sun showed its face?! At least you know now, oysters BAD! Take care! Clare xx

Hi Clare2Dogs, At Last a voice i know! Fantastic!!! Oysters, mmmmm just love them! I always s mell em first then i chew (Yummy). Never had a bad one yet. Maybe its because i allways wash them down with Guiness. Love muscles as well till it was on the TV the other night that they were mostly Willy.(How Awfull). Im glad your better and it was lovely to read from a post that i new. Keep Safe and Well. DomesticGoddess or to you “JANE” X

What a great ‘handle’ or whatever it’s called… Username - dometicgoddess! I’m sure if I paid more attention I would have notice you before. I actually think I am allergic to the damn things (oysters) but keep thinking if I leave it for a few years I’ll grow out of it… Will I never learn? Take care, M