Oxygen treatment


Has anyone tried or gets oxygen therapy for their MS. I have primary progressive MS and would like to try oxygen therapy to see if it helps with my MS symptoms.


Its supposed to be good.I think it works for some but not so much for others but worth a try if you want to give it a go. There was someone on here who swore by it.

Thank you for replying. Greatly appreciated x

I’ve never tried it but they do it at my nearest MS centre, it’s one of those things that is definitely worth a try, I dont believe it can harm you.

I’d love to hear about it if you decide to try it,

Good Luck and very best wishes,

Nina x

Thank you Nina. I have decided to start it. Need a letter from my Gp to say that it’s ok for me to do it. Spoke to doctors receptionist this morning and requested a letter, so fingers crossed x