Oxygen therapy anygood?

Anyone got experience of oxygen therapy. I’m starting a series of treatments on Thursday. What are your thoughts


Hi John,
I have been doing oxygen therapy for over two years now and I definitely think it is beneficial. I don’t have fatigue quite as bad as I used to, I am never ill or get colds, touch wood, and if I have a cut or anything it almost heals overnight. However, it is not something you notice as it happens so gradually, but I am a great believer. I hope it works out for you - definitely worth a try.

I tried a course for a few months, it wasn’t a horrid experience. Only thing it helped me with was sleep, I slept like a baby after. It didn’t change any symptoms for me and I therefore opted out.

Hi, I was a regular at the Berkshire MS Therapy center prior to Covid, hopefully re-starting pressurised treatment mid May. Must admit I’ve missed it, especially as it feel it gives me a little boost. Have settled on the deepest dive, although services may vary depending on system or center.


Hello John, I tried it but found no benefits, so stopped.

Thanks for the reply’s. I feel good today after my first session. I’m going to do 10 and then review it.

Hi John, Yes I’ve been having oxygen therapy for years and its the best (in fact the only) treatment I have been able to access. It has really helped me with my breathing and put some pink colour back into me as before that my blueness used to scare people. So if I were you I’d definitely give it a try. :kissing_heart: Maz