Anyone tried oxygen therapy? Any good?

I’m thinking of giving the oxygen therapy a try as I’ve read that it’s good for fatigue.

Has anyone tried it? If so, any thoughts?


Not tried it yet as the Drs have lost my consent forms but I have spoken to the centre here in Leeds and it sounds great. Also another guy I was chatting to on this forum uses it and says it helps him a lot with energy levels, I am sure he will respond to you as he is very helpful.

It can’t harm so do it is what I say, least you are being proactive (keep an eye on your forms at the GPS tho lol)

Hope that helps and good luck xx

Thanks leedslass - do you have to be referred? I have a centre quite local to me in Bristol and was going to mention it to my MS Nurse tomorrow when I see her, but I don’t know if it’s something you can just turn up to or if you have to be referred by someone.

Hi dallydog here in Leeds the GP just has to sign a consent form (which has been my stumbling block otherwise I would have started it already) but your MS Nurse may be able to just agree it? I am sure when I rang it was just to ensure you don’t suffer from sinusitus so if I were you I would just check with the centre first

Hi I’m in bristol to, you have to call the centre and get some forms which your ms nurse signs and then you are free to go there.I haven’t tried it yet as I’m newly diagnosed and I am a bit unsure about going. Could you let me know if you go how you find it. Thanks zoe

Hi Zoe,

I will ask my nurse this afternoon about it and if I’m able to, I definitely think I’ll give it a go.