Any noticeable effects from oxygen therapy?

Hi can anyone tell me if they’ve had any positive (or negative) effects from oxygen therapy? I have SPMS and although mobile with 2 crutches for short distances this is getting harder. Will my mobility improve?

thanks Sarah


Like all things MS related, different people experience different effects from it.

I am also SPMS and have been having oxygen therapy for about 4 years. I can’t say it has made a huge difference but I possible have more energy after it and my bladder is better behaved. I also sleep better.

I take the view that it isn’t doing any harm so I’ve nothing too lose. I obviously don’t know how I’d be if I wasn’t having it.

There is also the added bonus that players from our local Premiership Rugby Union team use it to aid recovery from injury. I’ve been in a very confined space for 90 minutes with some seriously fit young men.


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i’m the same as annie

can’t say what benefit it has but if i don’t go for a while i notice a difference in my day to day well being.

although annie gets better side effects of fit young men!!

it’s one of those, try it for yourself.

you will need a course of about 15 sessions over a month to start with and then you will start to feel the benefit.

carole x

Thanks Carole I’m going for my first session on Monday so let’s hope (for rugby players!!)

good sar01b

you may find that your mobility improves, it just hasn’t for me.

bladder improved but still could do better!

a lot of people say their fatigue is less of a problem, sadly not me.

anyway just go for the experience.

hope you get rugby players!

man utd football team used to use our centre until they had their own installed.

carole x

Hi Carole

I figure professional rugby and football teams wouldn’t waste their time and money unless there was something in it.

BTW I’d rather be in a confined space with Matthew Tait than Wayne Rooney

Anne x


you’re a dirty old woman annie!

also i have it on good authority that a few of man utd players attend a pilates class!

meanwhile back in the oxygen tank…

carole x

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