Oxygen Concentrator

Hi all, hope you are having a “good” day.

Can I ask if anyone uses an Oxygen Concentrator ? If yes do you think it is a benefot to you ?



Hi Ell

My mum had one and found enormous benefit from it, main reason was someone would have to be on hand to keep changing the cylinders over. The machine does make a humming noise, but she had a hearing problem so never heard it herself.

She also had a portable cylinder for when she went out, but most times it was the concentrator she was on.

Hope this helps.

Pam x

Sounds interesting!! How do they they actually work, benefit wise…if you know what I mean? :slight_smile:

The concentrator machine is slightly bigger than a bedside cabinet, runs on electricity and tens the air in the room into oxygen, which you breath through a mask or nose piece. Basically if someone is on oxygen 24\7 it runs continually, whereas a cylinder runs about 8 hours, and then has to be replaced.

To be able to move from room to room, the concentrator stays put and oxygen pipe is run around skirting boards into the next room, but for safety reasons the pipe would need fixing, so as not to cause a trip hazard.

What it meant for my mum having it installed, made her independent again, not having to rely on someone being around when her cylinder ran out. In this area only people reliant on all day oxygen therapy were offered a concentrator, but this may be different for other areas.

Pam. X