Hyperbaric chamber

Hello to all.

has anybody tried this? I am thinking of having a trial.

would be great to hear anybodys views.


Played havoc with my sinuses and gave up. Did`nt notice any benefits.

i go once a week and i’d say it does make a difference although i’d struggle to explain how.

when you first start you have to have about 3 weeks of intensive sessions (4 a week).

the first thing i noticed was my bladder behaved and i wasn’t getting up more than once a night.

the sinus thing troubled me at first but now i take a plastic cup of water and a sip releases the pressure in my sinuses.

it’s a faff getting the mask on and off in order to do this!

my ms therapy centre offers Hopi Ear Candling which i tried and that really DOES balance the pressure in the sinuses.

I’ve been going to the hyperbaric chamber for 10 years. It definitely helps me with fatigue and with the bladder. Try it and see if it works for you. Carol, have you tried sudafed spray ? A couple of quick snorts before going in to the chamber helped me greatly when I first started. Derek

thanks derek, i’ll give it a try.

Hi Leo, in response to your query, I have been having hyperbaric oxygen treatment now for nearly two years. Depending on your reasons for wanting to try it .? I have it to help control fatigue, I can only explain it is like being plugged into a socket when I have it it, the energy I feel afterwards is brilliant ! It lasts for a few days , so I choose to have it twice a week and find I can do things I couldn’t when fatigue is bad. A really good example I can give you is, I have just had major surgery , total knee replacement. I havnt been able to have treatment for five weeks because I can’t drive yet, the physio and exercising are exhausting me and fatigue is making it difficult. I can’t wait to get driving so that I can get back to oxygen therapy for energy boost. If you would like to know more about it I will gladly try to give you any info I can Leo, best wishes