Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Does anyone have any experience of hyperbaric oxygen therapy…good or bad? I’m planning to try it, but I’m a bit worried as I always get very painful ears when I’m flying, and my nose is often blocked due to an allergy. Thanks to anyone who shares their experience.


I’ve been having it for about 4 years.

You need to tell the centre about your ear problem. The centre, I go to, increases the pressure more slowly and sometimes goes to a lower pressure for people who have ear trouble.

There are also some people who have the oxygen without going to pressure.

I don’t notice huge improvements for going but I sleep better and my bladder is a little better behaved. It’s not doing any harm so I figure I have nothing to lose.

Good Luck, I hope it works out for you.


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my mum used to have it, with no effect.

although she did report one of her fellow chamber visitors would crawl in but then be able to almost sprint out!

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I’ve been having oxygen treatment for 10 years. It certainly helps with the bladder, fatigue and general well being.

At the place I go to, if anyone is struggling, then the pressure in the chamber is either increase slower than normal, or. Isn’t increased at all or the pressure is lowered and the chamber reopened. The chamber staff are linked to the chamber so it’s easy for someone to let them know if they’re having problems.

Hope it all goes well.


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You must be able to clear your ears before embarking on this therapy, because failure to do so could result in a burst eardrum. The centre staff will be very familiar with the problem and can offer advice on how to equalise the pressure, so do let them know about your difficulty.

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I’ve just completed 20 oxygen sessions to get my levels up and am now giving it a rest for a couple of weeks to see if it had been beneficial. By then I can either regularly top up the oxygen levels or not depending on the benefits felt.

The pressure is carefully managed by the centre particularly when you first start and they build your levels up over sessions. The chamber is linked to cameras and mikes so you are always monitored by the control panel guys and on the rare occasion someone has struggled they easily rectify the problem.

Hope you find it helps

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Thanks so much everyone who replied. That has really reassured me. I will give it a go and see what happens. Many thanks. X


i was at my local chamber today for oxygen. There was a newbie there and the chamber staff very patiently explained the process to her. The staff also asked us long timers to keep an eye on her which we did. The staff brought the pressure up (or is down?) slower than normal and were talking non stop to everyone through the mikes. Thankfully the session went without a hitch. As one of the other “inmates” said “well done. You’ll never have to do that for the first time ever again”.