Owning a puppy

Hi I’m thinking about getting a puppy, always had border collie, any advice please? Thank you

Depends on your own mobility. If you can’t walk it, you’ll have an unhappy dog and Collies need more walking than any breed I can think of.

Sorry if that’s a bit strong but I’ve seen so many dogs ruined by owners full of good intentions. MS adds its own particular spin to the argument: if the dog lives 15 years, what is your health likely to be like by then, based on current disease progression?


Have to agree with GCCK, Certain other breeds don’t require (suposedly) as much exercise but they all need house training! If you really want a dog in your life could you do pet sitting? then you are not tied plus the expense is not yours, except any insurance you may need. If your mobility is OK maybe volunteering at a rescue? I know I can’t imagine life without a Chinese crested in it! (well I can occasionaly…lol)

I’ve had many dogs but never a puppy as don’t want the hard work or having to train one!. In the past I have rehomed a gentle lazy 3yr old gsd, currently have another 10yr old gsd (had him age 3) very protective of me & also very aware of my limitations won’t trip me up doesn’t mind if I stand on him etc he’s become almost a support dog. Hope this helps

They are so intelligent (GSD’s) but they are so funny as pups! but mobility was OK when Reg was a pup! Chinese
crested drove him mad hangng on to his ta