Dog has a form of doggy ms (not a joke)

Well this years supposed to be getting better but… I had another relapse this year and my walking went even funnier with my right leg. Went a walk with my dog and kept stumbling so I hired a dog walker. The most mature 15 year old I’ve ever met I was dubious but he came every day no matter how bad the weather was. About 12 weeks ago ghillie started limping. He was put on painkillers and told to rest and come back in 2 weeks. So I went back and £300 later there was no signs of improvement if anything he was worse really limping in his back foot. And the scans showed no arthritis or damage then they wondered of he’d a hairline fracture or damaged tendon. So we had to wait for dad to come back from sea tl take him down. So mum and dad set off yesterday to get a scan 3 hours from home, got told to phone at 5 see if the hop had taken place. So I’m pacing waiting at 5 and the phone rings mums like. You better sit down he’s not had an op. Mum said the bet started speaking and she just knew what was coming her face had gone bright red and the vet knew tbere was something. So mum told him I’d been dx last year. Well it turns out my dog has drop foot and likely a doggy ms. O about dropped the phone. Makes you wonder if we were both exposed to something, I don’t know maybe I’m far off the mark. So I’ve to decide whether to take him to Glasgow to a doggy neuro. X

Hi Em,

Poor Ghillie… my last dog had this in her latter years - I think it is called degenerative myelopathy, it’s also compared to Lou Gehrigs (?) disease. Penny was about 14/15 when she started having problems and remember the vet saying that she didn’t seem to be in any pain and it was just that the messages from the brain to the back legs were being disrupted - so I guess that does sound familiar!

Yeah it does he’s only 7 but he’s not in pain just occasionally when he jumps off my bed lol

oh man! em, whatever next?

well i suppose the bond between you and ghillie will only get stronger.

what does the vet reckon the doggie neuro can do?

all my love to you both

carole xxxx

I could write a story kind for eastenders just now Don’t think they can do much. He’s wondering if he maybe had a doggy stroke in his back that’s the other option He’s very quiet today I’m very dizzy today and have people coming to see the house. X

rest up em

ghillie needs you fit and well.

you’ll both pull through this.

msers are made of strong stuff

carole x

Hi Em

Poor Ghillie, what rotten luck but at least you’ll both understand how the other feels on a bad day. I hope things look up for your family soon Em. How’s the bungalow hunting going? Ghillie will be glad of no stairs as well.


Tracey x

they don’t really know what can cause this to happen in dogs, but gentics might play a big part since some breeds are more prone to suffering it then others… not much to do, but physio and hydrotheraphy can help keep the dog more mobile. sad thing to find out but, he could always get a set of wheels himself :slight_smile: no jumping if it can be helped, can cause more stress and damage