Sad story

This morning l have taken my lovely rottie Bruno to see the specialist at a large veterinary hospital. He has been lame on his front right foot for quite awhile. The local vet has treated him with anti-biotics/anti-inflammortaries/painkillers etc and xrays - but could not find a reason for his problem. So the vet forwarded the x-rays to the specialists and to-day we went - quite a long journey in heavy traffic. He behaved beautifully - going into this huge - very luxurious hospital - walking very close to me with my new rollator. He lay beside me all relaxed - and every one that came past admired him - as he is a very majestic looking dog. He wagged his little stumpy tail at all the girl dogs that came in and they all instantly fell in love with him. This place was even better then any of the private hospitals l have been in. l was given a cup of coffee and Bruno had a bowl of water. When it was our turn we both limped in to the ‘consultants room’. After a long discussion as to the ‘history’ of when he became lame and the treatment he has so far had - the vet examined him thoroughly - and came to the decision that it was not an orth-paedic problem but nerve - neuro - and the vet was convinced that the nerve damage and now muscle wastage is cause by something sinister - most likely a tumour or tumours under his armpit. To get a definite diagnosis they could give him a MRI scan. But there would be nothing they could do about it - apart from amputating his front leg - but even then it might have spread to his spine. The MRI would have cost £2000 - l decided not to go ahead - as it was not going to make him better and at 9yrs old and a large dog - amputation is out of the question. The vet was in complete agreement with my decision - so for now he is on meds to make him as comfortable and painfree as possible and l will know when the time is right and l will not let him suffer unneccessarily -lt could be 2months or 2 yrs. The meds he is on is Gabapentin and Rimadyl - which is often prescribed for pwms. This dog was rescued by a dog warden in lreland - and was nothing but a skeleton - and had been chained up all his life. The Dogs Trust took him - as even in the condition he was in - they could see what a lovely personality he had. l have had him only for 15months - and in that time he has ‘blossomed’ into a handsome boy and his weight-which was 19kg is now 41kg - and he looks so healthy - with a shiny coat.

This dog has been a priviledge to own - he loves everyone and everything - and has quite a ‘fan club’. The vet asked me about how fit he was before this happened and what exercise he had. l told him l had an all-terrain scooter [ Tramper] and we would go over the fields and woods. Then the Vet said - ‘l know you do - l live not far from you and have often passed you and admired your dogs - as they are so well behaved.’ l then recognised him - as he has two terriers - a Border and a Patterdale - and they are absolute horrors and go berserk when we meet - wanting to attack my dogs.

So it has been a sad day for us all - even the vet and his assistant who escourted us out into the waiting area - where Bruno was greeted by the girls he had made friends with. More tail-wagging - l kept calm - and did not breakdown until l got home.

We shall make his time with us as happy as poss and spoil him rotten.


Oh F what news, your adorable companion, and loyal friend. But you know youve rescued a joy, a god send and given him a beautiful meaningful life with lots of love and compassion.

You must have been crying buckets typing all this up, but you know we are always blessed with wonderful happenings for a reason, he has given you hope, as you have him, given you a nudge when you didnt feel too good, and always greets you with his own way of smiling, tail wagging.

My heart goes out to you and Bruno. You were meant for each other, and to the end you shall be forever grateful for all the happiness you are going to have and shall continue until such parting comes.

I hold your hand in friendship, love and care,



Oh Frances How sad - I am so sorry for you and Bruno. You have given him a lovely home for 18 months and for the rest of his time. Just enjoy that time with him. I hope his last months are happy and pain free. Teresa xx

Oh Frances, this really pulls at my heart for you and dear Bruno.

I know how much your pets mean to you. I always have a mental picture of you on your Tramper and the dogs running loyally along with you. Then there was the story of the deer you found. Your dogs were trying to get it on to your scooter. It must`ve been a fab site to watch!

If you wanted to go for further treatment for Bruno, maybe The Dogs Trust would help cover the cost. But as you say, if it wouldnt make him well again, why put him through it. So is Bruno on shorter walks now? I know youll give him the life of a king and take great care with it.

2 years ago, when our little Lucy was really ill, it terrified the life out of my hubby and I. As she ages, shes 13 now, I cant bear to think of her leaving us.

Give Bruno a tickle for me and Lucy.

much luv


so sad xxxxx I would be lost with out my girls xxx

oh frances

what a sad day for you. i hope the meds help him feel more comfortable and enjoy what time you have together. i know you will take good care of each other.


So sorry Francis, he is lucky to have such a loving owner and he sounds like such a wonderful dog; such good company and faithful.

They bring such comfort and it was all those doggie walks that kept me fairly fit and oblivious to my MS. I still miss the walks in the country side across fields and along paths but i have those memories and I cherish them.

Take care

Wendy x

Have you considered treating your dog with ldn? Apparently, it is widely used in America.

Oh Frances this must have been a terrible blow for you. I have a black lab, she makes me go out every day and has been my saviour at times. I’m so sory to hear about Bruno but so glad that he found you too. Chis x


Have you considered treating your dog with ldn? Apparently, it is widely used in America.

[/quote] Whammel - thanks so much for this bit of advice - l have now looked at some of the sites - lt looks as if l would need to get my vet to prescribe it and then get it sent from US. Skips pharmacy is the main one. Have you seen another way of getting it - the capsule form would be easier to give a dog?l wonder if Dicksons could help! You have brightened my day as l feel there is something l could do to help my boy. Even if l ended up giving him my dose of ldn.

many many thanks Whammel


Ohh Very nice story,

thanks for share this story…


Hope Whammel`s idea works.

luv Pollx

Good news - l emailed Paula at Dicksons - she said if l sent the vets prescription to her it would be no problem to supply the ldn. Dicksons are brilliant!!

And thanks again Whammel.


I am so sorry to hear about Bruno.

It is so sad when our friends are ill. However, you must look at the positive side. You have given him so much in life. He understands he is in a safe place, where he is loved and looked after. He would not ask for more. I anm so grateful to people like you who invite unwanted dogs into their world. Personally I think there should be a ban on dog breeding and all the unwanted dogs should be found homes!

I too have dogs, one a Bruno! They give me so much love, company and fun. I would not be without them for anything. All of them rescue dogs. One we got two years ago, she was very sick and the vet did not think she would survive long. She was old and had been abandoned for God knows how long. Well, she still goes for her walks, still loves her food and is so devoted. Enjoy every day you have with Bruno, I know he will.


I confess, I am way out of my depth on this one, but fingers crossed for a successful outcome.

Thankyou Anne - l agree with you that there should be some restriction on people letting their dogs have pups. There used to be a law that stated that anyone who owned two or more bitches and bred from them would need a breeders licence. Even owners of cross-breeds. lt meant that the owners provided adequate space/facilities - including seperate kitchen for food/washing up and up to date records of dogs registration/inoculations etc. l know this because my parents owned a large boarding kennels and cattery - which had to be licenced of course - and if they also wanted to breed dogs they had to have a seperate breeding licence. lts a pity that neutering cats and dogs is so expensive - l have always had all my pets neutered -never let any of them breed as there is too many in the world and like you have given a home to many unwanted animals - be it dogs/cats/chickens/ferrets/horses and ponies - so far the only animal l have never had is a donkey. When l was young and lived at home nearly all the cats and dogs we had as house pets were animals whose owners left them at the kennels and never returned for them - sometimes they belonged to elderly people who had gone into care and could not keep them.

Bruno was sat by my scooter this morning looking eager to go out - so we went just up the lane and around our field - he enjoyed that and has slept most of the day since. He loves to be groomed - and l brush him every day - but when l first got him he was petrified of me touching him with a brush or even drying him off with a towel. Also he would not walk past anyone in a doorway - you could see he was expecting to be kicked or thumped. So we have come such a long way -which makes it so sad that this has happened at a time in his life when he feels safe and secure and of course well loved.


What a day it has been - Dear Whammel tells me about LDN being given to dogs with cancer - l then google and find a pharmacy in US that provide it. Then l contacted Paula at Dicksons Glasgow - who said they had no problems with supplying it -subject to vets prescription - so l contacted the US pharmacist Phil at Skipspharmacy asking what dosage l would need for Bruno - who is 41kg - and straightaway they replied saying he would need 2.7mg to be given at night!! Now all l need to do is persuade my vet to give me a prescription. So l will have to print off some information as l expect she has never heard of Low Dose Naltroxene. lts only recently that l learnt that LDN was used for treatment for cancer in humans. And all this on this clever site.


Oh Frances! Just how marvelous would it be if LDN could help Bruno! I hope your vet is more amenable than most of our GPs.

luv Pollx