Hello from Norfolk

Hello, my name is Denise, I’m 60 and waiting for diagnosis. I know I’ve had symptoms for a long time, all put down to wear and tear, I’ve always been active, animals, I have 8 dogs and 7 rescue cats. But now I have pins and needles most of the time in my hands and feet. The pain is constant, although sometimes it’s pulsing, and sometimes it’s like I’ve been stung by a hornet - the sudden pain which can be anywhere. My hands are often numb and I can’t hold a phone or book for long before my arm starts to die.
My partner has pointed out things I didn’t see or ignored, losing my sense of smell and taste, getting my words muddled. Walking into things. Always been clumsy.
I have blurred vision but not often and I seem to feel pain - when I walk into something - very intensely.
And now I appear to have Achilles’ tendon problems they’re painful and lumpy just to make walking more difficult.
Last week I started looking for someone to help me walk the dogs. That was a bad moment.
But I’m not even sure I have MS, could be something else I just would like to know what I am facing as it’s getting much worse rather quickly.
It’s been a relief to post here, I’ve never posted on a forum before. Reading what other people have said has been sadly reassuring and I don’t feel quite so isolated.

Hello Denise

Welcome to the forum - a place I’m sure you’d rather not have had to find yourself!!

MS is a strange disease, we all experience different symptoms, so while what you’ve described sounds completely unlike anything I’ve suffered with after 24 years, that means nothing. Certainly there will be people on this forum who have experienced some of your symptoms.

You’ve said you’re ‘waiting for diagnosis’. Does this mean you’ve seen a neurologist? Had a variety of tests? Been told that MS is a likely diagnosis?

It’s difficult to know what to say without you saying what point you’re at with the diagnostic process.

I’m in awe of you living with 15 animals! Needing help to walk all of your canine companions sounds like an imperative for you if you have pain when walking. To be honest, I can’t imagine how you’d be able to walk all 8 dogs! In shifts maybe?

Do give us more information about where you are in terms of diagnosis.


It was lovely to have a reply so quickly thank you :). I’m right at the beginning of my ‘journey’ which started with the left side of my face going numb followed by nasty headaches about 10 years ago. Most of the problems are down one side but are spreading.
MS seems to be the favourite I’m not sure why. I went to the doctor when I started feeling as if someone was pouring cold water on my left leg.
Because of the pain in my legs and arms - the top of my arms are slightly swollen - it was a discussion about neurology or rheumatology. But my GP felt that the numbness was unlikely to be rheumatological. He also commented on my issues with vitamin D deficiency.
I’ve googled - which isn’t always productive - and do recognise some of the symptoms of MS but it is incredibly complicated.
Today I feel as if I’m wearing a lead suit, that’s how the tiredness makes me feel. Every movement an effort.
They’ve given me Pregabilin Mylan which does seem to help with the electric shocks but not with the pain and numbness.
Four of the dogs are puppies…:slight_smile: My girl had 9 so 5 have found new homes. Now they’re 10 weeks and like little mosquitos on speed…
I do know whatever is wrong is getting worse and now compromising my day to day life, I just want to know what I’m up against. But having read so many other stories I’m going to have to be patient. I hope the picture makes you smile. The animals give me a reason to get out of bed!