Hi everyone out there, I am new to this site and as yet undiagnosed with MS. I have an Optic neuritis of the right eye which was first discovered in 2002 and has left me with what seems like a thin veil over my eye and colours are diminished. I have had two MRI scans since and the last one did find demyelination of the optic nerve, but at that time I had not experienced any symptoms of MS and was told to push it to the back of my mind. Easier said than done. Of late I am experiencing episodes of pain in both legs (quite indescribable) but seems to run centrally down both legs and keeps me awake at night. (3 episodes of this now) At the moment I have problems with my right foot and ankle area, which feels numb, hot and pins and needles. I am forcing my foot from heel to toe when I walk but could easily walk flat footed. Blood tests to check ‘nerve blood’ all came back fine and have been referred to Neuro. My legs are strong though! All reflexes are fine and although it hurts(sometimes more than others) I am making myself keep going, walking the dog etc. I really hope I am worrying about nothing, my GP thinks the problems in my legs could be coming from my back, but he wanted to refer me to be sure. My memory is shocking! If I don’t write it on the calendar it doesn’t happen. Forgetting names all the time and constantly walking into doors and door frames so a bit bruised on the arms too. Sound familiar to anyone? I am so worried I would love some reassurance.

Best wishes to you all


Hi Annie and welcome to the board. You ask a very difficult question that nobody can answer. Yes, some of your symptoms are MS-like, but they could also be caused by a whole bunch of other stuff.

Your GP has wisely referred you to a neuro and they will carry out tests. There is not a single test for MS. They put a bunch of information together and see if they have enough info to make a diagnosis. That can take some time.

I’m sorry you can’t get the reassurance you are looking for. I know it’s frightening and frustrating, but nobody can tell you if you have MS or not at this stage. You are, for now, going to have to take it one day at a time and remind yourself that IF it is MS, it is not the end of the world. Life will go on.

Take care and I hope you get some answers soon,

Pat x

Hello Annie x Pat is so right - unfortunately all you can do now is go with the flow - go through all the tests to either rule things out or rule things in!

There are lots of people on here that are in the same boat and all are here to support each other. I’ve been off work for almost 3 months - ill and literally housebound - waiting for appointment after appointment after appointment!

It’s worrying but there is very little you can do about it - you just have to trust that you will get there in the end x

You are so not on your own!!! xxxjenxxx

Hi Annie

I understand how worrying it can be to have all these strange symptoms when you’ve been in good health prior. My first alert was pins and needles last oct and I’m still undiagnosed.

It’s good news that your GP is taking you seriously and has reffered you to a neuro. Whether this is MS or something else it’s probably a good place to start.

In the mean time try not to worry - stress can sometimes make things worse. Keep a short diary of your symptoms which you can condense into a simple list for your neuro visit.

It’s good you’ re trying to keep going. It’s not possible for everyone but it’s a good attitude to have.

Good luck