Own worst enemy

Quick update 33 yr old female symptomatic 12 months + problamatic 3 months + got rapid referral to neuro who was lovely saw 28th dec, MRI booked for Friday 13th of January … I went to the WRONG HOSPITAL !!! Managed to get new MRI appointment for next Friday thank goodness. Honestly though I never would normally do anything like that and it totally upset me plus amongst other new things my ability to type two handed appears to have gone out the window as I hit the wrong keys of I am not watching what I’m doing !!!

Just fed up :0(

It's not easy is it? I've had similar problems. Ie symptoms for a year and now my legs are weak, my balance and co-ordination are all off and my head won't stop spinning. Just keep on keeping on as they say.


I've got my second MRI next week after lumbar puncture and VEP.......... Nureoulagiost still won't say its MS although he said it probably is. Not very helpful.


Anyway Chin Up, Stiff Upper Lip and all that nonsense :-)


G :-)

I completely sympathise and empathise with this - I do similar things all too often these days letdown


I NEVER used to make mistakes like that, but I'm afraid my memory and organisational skills are pants these days. I've turned up for appointments days early, days late. Missed appointments entirely.... I now put reminders on my calendar, on my electronic diary and on my phone. It does work (when I remember to do it!).


I went into the DaVinci exhibition in London yesterday. Got to the station in plenty of time. Let the two Met Line trains go past & got onto the Pic Line train. Sitting playing a silly game on my phone, realised that I better not miss my stop and looked up at the tube map..... to realise that I was supposed to be getting off at Baker Street, which is on the MET LINE! ARGH!!!! Had to stay on the Pic train and use a different route which involved a crazy number of steps and walking (NOT good), plus because I was then running late I had to walk faster than I have done in yonks (REEEEEEEEEALLY not good). Stupid, stupid, stupid!


On the plus side, going to the gym is clearly paying off!


Glad the hospital could fit you in next week happy2

Karen x

Hi Luelle

I think most of us know where you're coming from on this one. Not a day goes by when I don't get something 'botty about face' (as they say!). Calendars, diaries, post it's - you name it I use it and although they don't stop me doing silly things, they do help me to remember stuff - but probably the most important key for me is routine. Where possible I associate some things with routine tasks or chores and for others I try to keep them to a certain time - everyday, so it becomes part of my daily routine.

As for typing, well I've never been a good typist and am really quite envious when I see peoples fingers flying across the keyboard in a flash...but the rubbish I sometimes bash out is incredible. Thankfully typing isn't something I have to do that often for my work and my friends are used to my ramblings....just as people that I work with and family & friends know that I get words wrong and talk (what I call) my own version of devil tongue!

In December I had an appt with my ms nurse. I go to the same place to see her everytime on a regular basis and it's the same department that I see my neuro in too.....only this time do you think I could find it?! Not!! I traipsed round that hospital for ages and the worst part of it is that it took me some time to realise that actually I didn't know where I was meant to be going.... I found it eventually but the whole shebang made me feel like a complete boobie frankly.

It happens. Try not to beat yourself up about it. Fingers crossed that your scan next week provides some info to go towards getting to the bottom of things.

Good luck

Debbie xx

Almost went to the wrong hospital myself for continence assessment. Didnt twig the difference between Farnham Road Hospital and Farnham Hospital

Thanks everyone massive (((hugs))) all round, fingers crossed I get it right this time although I have publicly announced it on fb so everyone I know can remind me lol. My vertigo seems much better but as I get one thing sorted a convey belt of other niggles moves up a notch very disheartening … Thank goodness for this forum xxx