Upset about confusion with maps on way to appointment

I felt lost and disorientated getting to a test (VEP) at a different hospital yesterday. I couldn’t make sense of the street map for a long time and started to panic a bit and cry. I can remember another couple of times when I’ve felt completely lost and had to back track to start again. I did work out the right route in the end - probably feeling very stressed/anxious. I try to be brave and calm but hospitals can spook me out! I feel that I am attributing every little thing to probable MS but this did feel odd. I felt like a little girl! Has anyone else had similar ?

Hi Becca, yep, I’ve felt the brain fog. The sudden feeling of being thick for no good reason, being unable to orient yourself or plan. I recently found myself in a situation where I became quite disoriented in a building I’d never visited before and made a mistake which had unpleasant and very emotional consequences. However, there were also quite a few people around to help me and resolve things as best as possible.

Because the frequency of these occurrences has increased over the past year or so, I’m definitely counting them as symptoms of something not being quite right. Whether it is ms or not, I don’t yet know. I’m learning to compensate for these cognitive problems and developing a calmer, relaxed attitude - or at least getting back to that state as soon as I can - after an ‘episode’. The tool I use for doing this is positive self-talk and affirmations. The quicker I feel better, the faster things seem to resolve.

Apart from navigating my surroundings, I sometimes have difficulties organising myself. Now, I’m a work from home mum with two small businesses (a holistic therapy practice and an online shop). Both are just beginning to get off the ground and I have the luxury of being able to take my time about it as my husband works (as much as I’d love to be earning even a standard part-time wage…getting there!). I’m determined to be successful but honestly, I have days where I feel that I’m dithering around wasting time because it is so hard to prioritise jobs and to see the bigger picture. So usually, I just do what is immediately in front of me and bit by bit, I’m getting there.

Anyone else having cognitive troubles?

Hi Becca

Oh yes, this sounds like me. I used to be able to backtrack and pick up my route again but not any more. I go into a blind panic and it just gets worse.

Once, the lift was broken in the neuro dept at the hospital so they sent me directions to the temporary clinic. I eventually found it but once in the building I didn’t know where to go. After randomly going up and down stairs and corridors, I had to ring the nurses and they came out to find me and I was literally a few yards away from them and close to tears because I couldn’t find them. I was beginning to worry that I would miss my appointment just because I couldn’t find them. I did feel like telling them that they need to make things very clear for people with cognitive difficulties as we are bound to get lost …

Tracey x

I’ve gone into Bradford shopping and had a meltdown, it’s happened at work too. Brain just goes ‘Bleeeeeeeuuuurrrrgggh’ and packs in for a while. As with anything, worse when it’s humid or I’m tired.

Thanks all! I guess trying to remain calm and quelling the panic is important - maybe I need to assume I’m going to get a bit lost when I go anywhere new, and see what happens. It was very busy and quite warm yesterday too, so add in the appointment anxiety and bingo!