no sense of direction

I've always been honest about my lack of map reading abilties, or not being able to navigate my way round a large shopping centre. But I've realised that I keep confusing my left and my right, even with my own body blush for anybody that has ready my previous posts when I have described my symptoms, I just want to clarify that they are in the right side NOT the left. I'm sure nobody will lose any sleep over this but just incase..... again blush



hi kirstie

im a bit like that too and whenever i've been abroad i cant cross the road on my own because my brain cant understand which way the traffic will come first.  never really understood why my brain couldnt do it but kind of know now. nervous


some things make me smile though like the time i threw a cup of tea over my face happygood job it wasnt too hot!


got to laugh or we'd cry happy2

mandy xx

hi Mandy, I have to admit (and only because you said it made you smile too) that I did chuckle to myself when reading your reply. I have done numerous things like that over the years and am laughing out loud happyas I recall them  in strange way you've made my day as you've reminded me (once again since accessing this site) that I'm not just clumsy I've had a B****y good reason all this time


In 2010, for about 4 weeks, I completely lost my ability to navigate. It was completely bizarre! I would set off in the car to the supermarket to realise that I was going in completely the wrong direction 10 minutes later and then not being able to work out how to get there from where I was! It caused a lot of hilarity for the family, but I was very very glad when it wore off!

Now the geeky stuff: the posterior hippocampus is where spatial memory is stored. I guess my MS had decided it didn't like the way mine looked! Thank heavens my body disagreed!

Karen x