disoriented round corner from home...

Its a good job I’m not doing much today…Other than looking after the baby today my one job was to drive to the pharmacy and pick up the rest of eldest sons medicine then drop it off at school…On the way out of town I look up and think where am I going …what am I doing…it comes - I need to go to pharmacy… and promptly turn around - I got to pharmacy picked up medicine (after asking for medicine giving in wrong sons name) and headed off to the school to drop off medicine…pulled up at cross roads and it happened again - complete confusion, I was really disorientated recognised the road name but not where I was or what I was doing - long seconds passed and it came back - glad to be home now but cant shake this feeling that Ive forgotten something/somethings not right …a bit weary of getting back in the car … as dont know where I will end up x

I do feel for you and you are not alone.

The other day I was talking to my doctor about my memory. Half way through the conversation I said ‘sorry doc I have completely forgotten what we were talking about’. He said ‘we were talking about your memory’.

It is terribly frustrating!!

I hope your memory improves for you soon x

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Hey Pops, that is exactly what it is -frustrating and upsetting :frowning: … Im looking at how I have spelt disoriented and cant decide if I have spelt it right or not…I had started to feel less sore and less tingly in the past couple of days and thought I could push all of this to the back of my mind (again)… but here it is back again, like an all encompassing smoggy fog …

If I find your memory whilst I’m looking for mine I will be sure to give it back to you x take care x

Welcome to my world Tingles. I get disorientated like that a lot - don’t know where I am when I am somewhere I have been thousands of times; only for a second but it scares the bejasus out of me. I have even walked past my own front door without recognising where I am. Loss of mental function is a terrifying thing for me - far more frightening than mobility etc. The big problem I have trying to explain it to other people is that they think that it is “just” a “senior moment” like forgetting where you put the car keys down. At least people here know what you mean and understand. Keep well. Keep strong.

I have developed strategies for dealing with my appauling memory - I find writing things down in different places a few times helps things sink in, or saying them out loud, putting car keys in the key dish on the console (if they are not there it is because my husband has used them - then I go into a flap), leaving with plenty of time - i used to set the sat nav on my car even on regular small journeys just so it would keep me heading to the right place - but (new to us) older bigger family car doesn’t have one … I had something like this the other week as I was about to join a dual carriage way - a sense that I didn’t know what to do - like I was scared/panicked all of a sudden - I got out and had husband drive :confused: … At least Im in good company - thank you for sharing and understanding x

I know this was posted a while ago but thank you Tingles!

This has been happening to me a lot and as I’m newly diagnosed it’s good to know I’m not the only one (although I wish no one had to experience it)

Just one example - I was sitting on the train and I was overcome with panic that I needed to put my seatbelt on and I wasn’t sitting on the drivers side (as if I were in a car) I couldn’t shake the feeling the whole trip, like my brain got confused between the car and train.

Thanks for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:

the number of times i have pulled up outside my previous house and sat there wondering who had dug all my flowers up!

very confusing but an elderly ex-neighbour came to say hello and we had a chat, i told her what had happened and she gave a long chuckle, which made me smile.

my 82 year old dad is beginning to show problems and i’m ever so worried about him.

i can see that he’s confused and scared sometimes so i tell him about my own daft antics to make him laugh.

my ms nurse gave me a dementia test, without me knowing beforehand.

i did ok, just one minor mistake, so that made me feel a bit better.

it was a name and address that she told me at the start of my appointment.

when i was asked to tell it to her at the end of the appointment i said beech avenue instead of beech lane.

carole x