Off switch!!!

Hi all , today is not a good day as well as all the other symptoms I have mentioned in other post yesterday I kept saying my words wrong almost right but missing letters or sounds all day which has continued today , tried to lesson plan and can’t even spell words and seems to take ages BUT today I was out with the family got to the parking pay thingy and didn’t know what to do!! I have done this simple task hundreds of times with no issue … I just can’t deal with feeling like a complete idiot !! Looking like I’m drunk with children holding my hand ( I don’t even drink ) I just want fixing :confused:

Keep counting down till the end of term, that ought to cheer you up a little? Two weeks to go here, although I know most places are three.

Envious of S. Ireland though, they have finished already!

Try and be a little easier on yourself, you are doing your best. x

We have three weeks :confused: it’s the not knowing what’s wrong that’s the hardest I think … Roll on 25th July nuro appointment and MRI. Hopefully will get to the bottom of this crazy head and body … I just feel so inadequate, I just want to sleep ALL of the time and I know that at the moment I look like I’m taking something illegal and can’t control my head or body … Even my little people are noticing and asking if mummy needs to sleep … Grrr

Hi I had same problem neuro and mri is just the beginning it’s a long process keep with it

I can sympathise with mixing all the words up. The last 3 months it has got really bad and typing on here can take me quite a while as I get all the letters the worng way round as I’m typing and constantly have to correct them. Kids pick up things so quickly. My youngest keeps copying my shaking hands as she’s eating. I had to let her school know in case they thought she had suddenly developed some strange affliction. All four of mine think the forgetfullness is great and that they can all get away with things cos hey mum can’t remember! I haven’t got my first appt till the 7th Aug and it can’t come too soon. Hope it doesn’t take too long for them to find out whats wrong with you

Sharon x

It’s a terrible time … The wait I mean , if it is ms then heck it’s rubbish and a little scary but will learn to deal with it and not going bonkers and if its not hopefully what ever it is can be fixed ! My thoughts are with all of us waiting wobbly bobs and for those who have lived with it for years I hope I have your strength x x

I’ve been struggling with this too. I’m finding it one if the most upsetting symptoms and feel quite stressed at work in case people notice. It’s a good job my kids are older - the other night one of them shouted to me ‘is tea ready yet?’ … At 10pm :-/ !

I can really understand your frustration, the “brain fog” as i call it really gets to me sometime, just little simple things like the other day I actually forgot how to use the tv remote control (which we’ve had for years). More and more I find I get half way through a sentance and simmply can’t continue, the words don’t form and I go blank. Someone recommended to take Magnesium which apparantly helps a bit so i’m going to give that a go this week. Also Vitimin B Complex. Like many people on the forum just got to hope diagnosis doesn’t take years (as it appears to be the case for a lot of people) and we start getting some treatment to help with all of these horrible symptoms.

Horrible isn’t it. I have said entirely wrong words or sometimes get “stuck” and keep repeating a word which my kids then copy! Hate it.

I hope so for us all , take care x

Sort of pleased to read about the confusion when typing, and of words because that’s how I was during my second relapse but when I mentioned it to my Consultant he gave me what I could only say was a sarcastic look of amazement! but it definitely happened. Back to normal now fortunately but it’s hard to describe to those that don’t/haven’t had it.