ow.......I said chuffin` ow!

Morning everyone. Not feeling so great today, after yesterdays LP. Kicked my rear end to get to hospital for 9am. Sis was waiting for me.........shes also one of my carers. Got to the ward and was really needing a wee. Was shown into my room (private…great) and then told to get into a gown and get into bed. This is the dialogue twixt me and nursey.

me Er, excuse me, where is the hoist please?

nursey Hoist? What hoist?

me I rang to say I need a hoist and was told you would acquire one.

nursey No-one told me. Oh

me I cant transfer without a hoist. Oh and I need a wee please.`

My sis had looked into the loo and saw a commode.

nursey How are you going to get onto the loo?

me With a commode

nursey Commode? What commode? We dont have one`

me Theres one in the loo`.

nursey Oh, right. Ill see if I can find a mobile hoist then. We do have a ceiling hoist in another room.`

me Can I use that room then please?

nursey No, its occupied, but they dont need a hoist.

Sis and me rolled our eyes and I held onto my bladder!

Ten minutes later a magical hoist appeared. Nurses didnt know how to operate it. We told em…nothing…magical hoist wasn`t so magical afterall…it was dead as a dodo. Even when plugged into a socket, still nowt!!!

Nursey, Oh, it wont work.`

me No. I still need a wee.

A man appeared…looked at hoist…fiddled with it a bit and said, It wont work!`

me.have you got another one?

nursey Ill go to another ward and see if I can find one`.

Ten minutes later another hoist appeared. Now this one was truly magical, `cos it did work! Fantastic.

Sis undressed me and got me into gown. We used the hoist ourselves and got me onto commode. Then over the loo…ahh, relief! I looked at my feet…theyd gone all purply and blotchy. I aksed nursey if it had footrests. Daft question, I know...it didnt!

Right, onto bed. All wonderful. Doc came. we discussed the procedure. I asked him to try not to hurt me, as memories of the horrendously, painful previous one was. He said he wouldn`t. Then another doc appeared. Guress who it was?

It was that lovely neuro who showed me 3 distinct blobs on my 2008 MRI, in my neck area. The 3 blobs which had miraculously disappeared in 2010 when yet another neuro showed me the same scan. Hmm, wondered how that happened. I asked him about that and he said he couldn`t remember!

So, the procedure began. Curled me up into the fetal position. Not easy when your legs/feet/toes wanna argue! Okay…needle with aneasthetic went into. Oooo, that smarts, I thought. Then longer needle to draw the CSF.

Arrgghh! Ow!!!!! I yelped.

Doc Oh, Ill give you a second lot of aneasthetic`. More smarting followed! Procedure continued. Still made me jump. But I knew I had to just lie there and thing of England…oh and the possibility of an MS diagnosis…maybe!

About 20 mins later, it was completed and I was more than relieved.

For the next 2 hours, I laid flat and felt more comfortable than I had expected. But during that time, my heels began to burn and tighten. This is the fairly new problem I have with pressure soreness. Sis put my gellies on…heel protectors.

At 12,30 I needed to wee again. I called nursey and she had to go back to the other ward and re-claim their hoist!!!

To end this sorry tale, I was allowed home at 3pm and vowed never to have another lumber puncture.

Results in 3 weeks…what will they be? Answers on a postcard please…

luv Pollxx

Oh poll dont they realise who you are???

You go into a royalty status with us on here so that sort of treatment is appalling.

Sadly because of my work I also know this is common practice when people have mobility problems…it is just not good enough.

Please take care today


Eh? Royalty status? Wheres me crown and thron then? Oh, yeh I do sit on the throne` quite a lot.

I`m resting up. Not much change there then!

luv Pollx

Good Lord Poll !!! Well at least it’s done and over with and I have fingers crossed that you get a positive result this time!!!

I didn’t have the sense to pee before mine and spent the next couple of hours desperate to go (plus being evacuated on stretcher during a fire alarm… but I’m sure I’ve told you that one before!).

Enjoy today in the wonderful knowledge that it done and dusted!

Pat x

Fire alarm? Dont remember you saying that. Chuffin `ell, eh?

luv Pollx

Ive got a wonderful mental picture of you on the ‘throne’ as it were in your crown and holding court !!!

I have so many mental pictures of the people on here and what they are really like as a person.I bet none of them are anywhere near the reality but the people I reply to alot have all got a mental picture and personality.

Do we all do that or is it my scrambled brain?

Carry on with the resting up.


Well sometimes I do it. When some folk post anonymously I imagine unprintable stuff!

luv Pollx

Hi Polly firstly what a performance, my god you couldn’t make it up, on a lighter note, if and I know it’s a BIG if, they ever make a comedy about MS I think you could go for one of the star roles, on second thoughts the star role, how would you feel about that, POLLY up in lights, think of the red carpet do, we could all come, gold scooter the lot, lovely basket for the dog, I think we should get writting straight away, take care, and keep smiling, luv Jean x

Hi Poll What a shambles - I’m glad they got the hoist in the end though. What about that rubbish neuro too! I hope they get the results to you soon and finally get you a clear dx. As Pip says - you are definitely royalty and should have treated you accordingly! Have a lovely, quiet day. Love Teresa xx

Hi Jean, glad we can still have a laff about us. Laughter is the best medicine, eh? I think Lucy would love to be a star.

luv Pollx

Hi, I somehow doubt all that palaver will bring about a firm dx of MS…if only.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, you make laugh only you could tell that story so well. On a seriousness note if I dare lol I hope you get some result from all this. Take care Karen xx

Hi Poll,

What a nightmare day you’ve had, hope you never get anotherone as bad. Said to hubby read this it’s unbelievable, he read it and said no it isn’t but it should be and he’s right. Hope you manage to rest now and recharge your batteries, relax for the night.

Love Yvonne xx

lts not much consolation Poll - but l have named one of my new chicks after you - l expect you missed my post. l have picked out the one with little white wing feathers as Polly -[ she has ‘angel wings’.] Out of 6 l have named 4 - wait and see how they progress before naming anymore. They were hatched on Monday. Eating well and pooping well - does that sound familiar!!

l have Ellie/Zelda/Patb and Poll so far.

Hope you will be feeling more yourself tomorrow.


Hi Poll

Glad it’s all done and dusted for you, even though it sounds like it was a shambles.

I hope this brings out some conclusion for you, at least give you piece of mind. I

don’t blame you for saying “never again”, my sentiments entirely.

Rest now Poll.

Pam x

Oh Frances, thats so sweet of you to name your chicks after your pals on here. We wont get eaten will we? yes eating and pooing well is just me right now. haven`t needed a movicol or senna for over a week. Prune juice on alternate days seems to be doing the trick!

luv Pollx

Hi Yvonne (are you the lass from Halifax?)

Your hubby is right. Do you go to CRH, Halifax? If you do I hope you have beeter treatment than me.

luv Pollx

Hi Karen. Still nursing my sore head!

luv Pollx

I’m just so impressed you could hold on for so long before you were finally seated on your throne!! Usually if I’ve gotta go I’ve gotta go NOW! Take care, Karen

Hi, sometimes the sitting position helps me hold on. Once I am rising out of my seat, niagra falls can happen!

luv Pollx