you couldn`t make it up! It`s a long tale, I`m afraid.

Afternoon fellow sunbunnies…how is everyone coping in the heat?

I had an hour or so, sitting out, but had to seek shade and a cooler temp…never right for us is it?

Okay…after my Wonderful Wednesday, yesterday wasn`t so good.

I went for my bladder and kidney scan, in readiness for my spc operation (suprapubic catheter)

When I received the appointment, I rang to tell them I am immobile and need a hoist for transfers. I was told, No problem. We use hoists.

My 2 carers, Chris and Bev went with me, incase of wetting accidents and change of clothing was necessary. I drank the huge amount of water, an hour before the scan, as was requested.

I felt so uncomfortable and also had a touch of the shakes…if someone is incontinent, surely having a full bladder, is nigh on impossible to keep a hold of, eh?

In my letter it stated that I could take someone into the scanning room. With my deaf ear and feeling fragile, I did want Bev with me. When I was called, Bev was told she couldnt accompany me. I became even more jittery. Bev marched up to the reception desk and said, I am Mrs Pollys carer. She is nervous of the scan and is deaf in 1 ear. She wants me with her`. Right…that sorted. Funny though, there is a notice by the reception saying if someone needs an interpreter, they can have 1 with them…hmmmmm.

So we got into the room. Lady said, can you get onto the couch please? I said Yes, wheres the hoist please? Uh? No hoist here, I was told. I said i had rung up to say I need one. Lady said, Oh, according to our notes, you can walk. Mr ? says you can!`

WTF? I hadnt even see this MR ?. I saw Dr B and he had forwarded me a copy of his letter to my GP, re my outpatients appointment. There was nowt in it saying I can walk! Have I been under the illusion that I cant walk, all these years and hadnt realized or had forgotten that I can?

So the lady said she could scan me in my wheelie. Would i remove the sides/arm rests? I said if that is done, I may fall out, as i have no core strength.

Bev suggested she put her arm around me to hold me securely and that was ok. The scans were done and I was told i wasn`t pregnant!!! Then I was told I had to empty my bladder to have a new set of scans done.

Back to the Where is the hoist? question, followed closely by, Have you got a commode?

Puzzled face again…No. Can you self catheter? I told her I cant. She left the room and another lady entered…`Can you use a female urinal?`` No I repeated.

10 minutes passed by and a portable hoist appeared. Lady said, we arent trained to use hoists and put people onto commodes. I said, Bev is. Shell do it! What about the commode? I asked. Oh,no commodes here.

Me, Listen, I dont know how much longer I can hold all this water. I am in discomfort. I am tired out! Lady disappeared and returned with a commode. Wheres the pan?Bev asked.Oh, no pans. These commodes go over toilets.`

Wheres the toilet? Down the corridor…past the waiting areas. Me, i cant wait!`

Lady no 1 brought a slipper pan and put it on the floor under the commode.

I weed…and weed…and weed some more! it splashed all over the place…I felt better, but embarrassed at the smell and mess I`d made. Ladies 1 and 2 said not to worry…

So we left the hosptal some 2 hours later and i went to bed.

Today I phoned Mr?`s secretary and relayed my expereince. She got my notes up and said there was nothing about me being able to walk and that I do need a hoist. I asked what if when I get to the ward for the op, i am expected to walk?

She said she would emphasise my requirements and make sure it is known!

Then she gave me a date for the op…4th July…Independence Day…is that an omen or what?

Thanks for reading, if you`ve managed to get to the bottom of this post.

luv Pollyx

Good god polly what a farce, as you say you couldnt make it up, perhaps you should pay the ward a visit before your admition on july 4th and emphisise your needs make sure they have someone who takes it all down, i think the person is called a ward clark, they are there to see the smooth running of the ward, or contact the hospital social worker to see if they can get things in place for you and hope you can get a smooth run.

good luck for then Barbara.xx

Polly what an absolute awful experience for you. It never ceases to amaze me that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing!!! Sounded like they were just making it up about being unable to walk. At least you have a date, the nurses realised I couldn’t walk when in hospital but I still had to ask to be brought a bowl to clean my teeth in the evening!! Rest up now. luv Linda x

Good God Poll you really couldn’t make that up.

I think you should seriously consider complaining. That is all really unacceptable esp as you had checked by phone beforehand.

Rest hon and feel better,

Pat x

oops, poor poll. The thing is we all get used to this type of thing and laugh it off when really we should be screaming from the roof tops. Bloody numpyies .

Oh Poll, what a bloody disaster. But I bet you were relieved you aren’t pregnant!!!

I think speaking to the Nursing Unit Manger before admission would be a good idea so that you can be reassured that they are aware of your needs. Ask the NUM specifically for an OT to visit you on the ward on admission to go through the checklist of hoists, commodes etc. I always have an OT assigned to me when I am in hospital now because of my mobility issues. Makes life a lot easier and helps prevent any misunderstandings with nursing staff…

All the best for the supra pub. You won’t know yourself… such freedom!



Hi Poll

That’s dreadful, especially after you had already asked them, never

ceases to amaze me, and as you say, you couldn’t make it up.

I agree with the others, good idea to go to the ward in advance, so

you do not have to encounter any more stress on arrival for your

operation. Although you shouldn’t have to do this, just for peace of

mind, I think it would be worthwhile.

Have a good weekend.

Pam x

Thankyou for all your replies, everyone.

Yes, I will ring the ward a few days before I go in for the op and make sure they have a hoist and commode at the ready for me.

luv Pollx