Over-thinking again?

Hi all,

Need your help to reign me in again lol …I knew my diplomas in the performing arts would be useful one day!!!

I had my MRI on Wednesday last week which was fine [pretended I was the first spacewoman going to Mars] but as I got off the table the Radiologist said to me ‘You have got a doctors appointment after this haven’t you?’ to which I replied yes and left. Now I keep replaying in my head how he said it, to the point were it is probably nothing like it. I just wanted to know if this was a routine question that is asked at the end?

Sorry that this is such a pathetic question but you know when something gets into your head sometimes you can’t get rid of it.

Many thanks

Helen x

Hi Helen, I had my MRI last Thursday and was asked the same question. As I don’t have a follow up appointment booked he just said if I hadn’t heard anything in 10 days to give them a call-‘don’t let them forget about you!’ I think its a routine question and nothing to worry about-I’m sure I’ve read on here that they can’t read the MRIs anyway! Hope that puts your mind at rest! Kay xxx

Hi Kay

Yes you have thanks so much.

Helen x

mine didnt ask either time, the first i had lesions, not got results of 2nd i doubt it means anything. i asked her the 2nd time, she just said she wasnt trained. i suspect anything urgent would be refered??


I had my brain MRI and was told beforehand to wait after to see neuro , she then ordered a spinal 7 weeks later with no injections. But have to wait 2 weeks for results

I had one last week, when it was finished the radiologist asked if I have an appointment, I said no, so she said I should get a letter in about 4 weeks.

I think it’s a standard question


I love you all, knew I was making it out to be something when it isn’t. Just needed you sensible people to tell me that you had been asked the same.

Feel so much better so I am off to watch BB [how sad am I but just love watching people]

Thanks to you all

Helen x