MRI chat

I’ve recently had an MRI on the spine and brain, neurologist has said that he needs to speak with the radiologist before he can talk to me about results. I had an MRI in January that showed signs of ms wear and tear so I don’t know why he would need to talk ith radiologist. I realise that no one on here has a crystal ball or can read minds :), but was just wondering if others had been told this and why?

Radiologists are Drs who have then gone on to do further training in reading and interpreting xrays, MRIs and all other scans. They aren’t the same people who actually do your MRI. They are skilled specialists in the same way that your neurologist is. I would bet that in January your neuro had already got the radiologist’s report before he spoke to you. And he is just waiting on it now before giving you the results this time too. It is pretty standard practice; nothing to worry about


Thank you :slight_smile: